List of NPC unique dialogue lines per class?


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Can't seem to find a list of such on any wikis, but maybe I'm just bad at searching. Would be cool to have a list of NPCs to absolutely go see and not exit out of the dialogue immediately, for each class that I play. If anyone has knowledge, please do share.

Also, Hi. I'm back, been a while. Was here a few years ago and originally back in 2002-2003 under a different login that unfortunately had my irl name in the login.

Strafe is the best-looking most satisfying skill in any RPG ever. Too bad it's sub-optimal while leveling untwinked.


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The five classic classes have a unique introduction and piece of gossip with an NPC in every Act except Act 4 (but the two expansion classes only have these in Act 5).

Act 1: Kashya
Act 2: Meshif
Act 3: Asheara
Act 5: Larzuk

Act 1: Charsi
Act 2: Geglash
Act 3: Meshif
Act 5: Malah

Act 1: Gheed
Act 2: Elzix
Act 3: Alkor
Act 5: Nihlathak (also Assassin)

Act 1: Warriv
Act 2: Fara
Act 3: Ormus
Act 5: Qual-Kehk (also Druid)

Act 1: Akara
Act 2: Drognan
Act 3: Hratli
Act 5: Malah

The pages in the NPCs section of this site's Diablo Wiki should contain all this dialog.


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The Amazon Basin has truly the most information about the game. It's sometimes a bit tricky to find what you are looking for, but that comes with the awful heck of a lot of information about the game.

I think that D2 is the best documented and researched game ever and the Amazon Basin is one of the cornerstones of that knowledge. I think that there's pretty much nothing about the game that I know, but the Amazon Basin does not. Oh wait, perhaps one...

During my bnet times, I noticed a barbarian roasting a rabbit on a camp fire in the south-eastern corner of Harrogath. If you come close to him, he will follow you over perhaps half a screen before returning to his rabbit. I couldn't reproduce that on single player, but it might be a matter of the patch level and not of bnet vs. single player.

I posted this for a few times in these forums, but I don't think that anybody said anyting like "Oh yes, that thing", so it seems that not many people know this.

Edit: It's about another barbarian near the guy who's roasting the rabbit. My first posting about it is here -

Nov 2004, it seems I have an elephant memory :)
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@krischan That would be a left-over from the LOD battle net beta. Your memory isn't off at all. There were two barbarians taken out of the final game: one by Nihlathak, and the other by the rabbit roaster. Deckard cain was also by the waypoint. For some reason, they kept it this way on bnet (for at least a few patches), but fixed it in SP upon release. Here are some screenshots showing the locations (I took these in SP playing the bnet beta):
barbarian #1

barbarian #2

Deckard Cain by the waypoint and his removed "return to hell" option.