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Links to some old threads

Discussion in 'Classic' started by -Tempus-, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. -Tempus-

    -Tempus- IncGamers Member

    Jun 24, 2003
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    Links to some old threads

    all these links are from the old All Things Classic thread but since the forum rename the links show as dead. so here are the fixed links to some of those old threads.

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    Classic Speeder Barbarian! by TheCerberus

    Let's introduce the Classic Speeder Barbarian! Designed to kill Elemental characters with ease, and keep pace with almost all players...

    To get 85 resists in hell with Iratha's, you need 135 resists. Under Conviction, you need 285. I guess you're right though, since Shout only needs 1 point, you can dump all the rest into IS and NR. I'd max IS though, since speed from skills is better than speed from items. Resists are the same all the way through.

    Weapon: Rare Naga (Imbue at lvl 74), Rare Ancient Axe (Imbue at lvl 74), 2X+2 Barbarian Hatchets
    Armor = Blinkbat's Form, Hawkmail, Twitch
    Helm = Iratha's Coil, 3-Ruby Crown
    Gloves = Iratha's Cuff
    Belt = Iratha's Cord, Rare Belt with Life
    Amulet = Iratha's Collar, Angelic Wings
    Rings = 2XCoral Ring, 2XCobalt, 2X Angelic Raiment
    Shield = 3-Topaz Kite Shield, 3-Saphire Kite Shield, 3-Diamond Kite Shield, Swordback Hold
    Boots: Rares with 30 FRW, any other mods
    Extras: Horadric Cube, Tome of Town Portal, Tome of Identify

    1 Point Each: Bash, Leap, Stun, Leap Attack, Concentrate, Increased Stamina, Iron Skin, Howl, Shout, Battle Command
    20 Points Each: Whirlwind, Axe Mastery, Increased Speed, Battle Orders
    Rest: Natural Resists

    That'd probably be the perfect and cheapest set-up. Kite Shields are the best shields to put gems in because they are light weight, so you keep your speed up. Nagas are useful because if you decide to BvB or melee, your range 3 will be able to stick right outside of your opponent and damage them.

    just because info is old does not make it bad in the classic world :grin:

  2. Dacar92

    Dacar92 Community, Amazon, DH Moderator & Inc Clan Officer

    Nov 2, 2003
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    Nice job with the mining equipment, Tempus. If you guys think some of these should be stickied, let me know. Maybe I will just sticky this one...

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