Link to a list of items that Hell Diablo can't drop ? ifra


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Link to a list of items that Hell Diablo can't drop ?

Hey there,

I've tried to use the Search function for this one, but couldn't find an appropriate keyword. So I'll just ask my question here :

Amongst all the unique and set items, what are the ones that Hell Diablo can't drop ?

A link would be more than welcome :wink: !

Thank you,
- Frosty


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Get a list of All, Baal can drop. Then all Diablo can drop. Eliminate all < tc70. Then score em out :p


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Diablo can not drop any of the items in TC87. He can drop everything else.

That means he can NOT drop the following Sets/Uniques:

Mang Song's Lesson
Death Cleaver
Darkforce Spawn
Templar's Might
Tyrael's Might
Shadow Dancer
Crown of Ages
Executioner's Justice
Gargoyle's Bite
Earth Shifter
The Cranium Basher
Astreon's Iron Ward
Death's Fathom
Steel Pillar
The Grandfather
Death's Web
Griffon's Eye

Griswold's Redemption
Griswold's Valor
Griswold's Honor
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
M'avina's True Sight
Immortal King's Soul Cage
Natalya's Mark

It's quite an impressive list.


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As well as nonmagical items which can be magical instead.

For some reason, act bosses and superuniques with their own graphics (like Nihlathak or the Summoner) can't drop full rejuvs.


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just to be annoying, I point out that you don't need full rejuvs after killing Diablo because there will be no other monsters in the sancturary by then :)