line break issue


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To Flux and Rushster

I'm a wordpress expert. Tis what I do for a living. I'd be more than happy to help out to fix this line break issue. Sound's like Rush has his hands full.

While access to a dev environment would be ideal to test, I could probably manage with just the theme files.

Dunno what kind of plugins you run, as they may have some effect on the comment output...but standard WP installs rely on comments.php for the comment formatting.

At any rate, if you wanted to chat by phone or skype, I'd be more than happy to chip in. Love the site, been visiting here since D3 was announced.

quick reference...

I built the entire site, all the real estate tie in's to the MLS system, and a pretty complex backroom via my own wordpress plugin for management. I manage about 6 linux servers all wordpress focused and well over 200 wordpress sites.

I know I'm pretty territorial about my own work, so I understand if Rush just says no thanks. Figured I'd offer anyway.