Lightsorc vs Lightzon for Baal running


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Lightsorc vs Lightzon for Baal running

I have been wanting to build a baal running char as of late and since lightning is pretty much the coolest IMO of the elements, these are the choices.

The main differences that I see:
Sorc Zon
Tele Walk
Static LF/CS just rip through things
Merc Valk + Merc + Decoy
For the sorc I would use a CM crystal sword and a lower res wand on switch. Can lower res take away immunity from gloams and from the boss of the third wave? For the zon a lower res wand as well. With the sorc I would go RWM and make a spirit to hit 117 cast rate, with the zon I would stay vanilla.

In your opinions, which one seems more apt for this assignment? And at what level does Baal running give more exp faster than p8 pindle?


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In my opinion a light zon is more efficient damage-wise,but the light sorc has tele.
Teleport is a very big advantage,it saves you time,and it resets your merc.
Also the damage of the light sorc is not very bad too.
The only problems are when there are gloams at the throne and with wave 3.
So overall I would say the sorc.

I don't know what is the level that baal running becomes more efficient than pindle,but I would guess 90+.


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I'm biased for sorcs (I just like them), so I won't try and compare these two.

Levelling at Pindle till 94 isn't too bad. Except on /players 1. /players 3 or /players 5 is much nicer for exp running. The runs are much faster, so they are safer. Deaths are always a bummer when you get to level 90+. And also there's less miscallenous crap ly8ing on the ground, so it's less likely for you to miss stuff like runes.

I'd only do /players 8 Pindle runs till 90, and then /players 3 forward, as long as you feel like it.


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Light Sorc's can get obscene damage (mine hits 43K max), but they are harder to balance resists and damage than a LF zon.

There are a couple of options with LI's with a sorc, have a HelHel Bonehew on switch (for CE) and run at a lower player setting to clear the throne, and simply park Bartuc/ Lister when they are LI.

Both of the mentioned characters are capable Baal runners, but to do it efficiently and to high levels (97 onward) you'll need some pretty good gear.

As for what is more efficient to when... the simple answer is it doesn't matter 1 bit.

At 96 you're no where near half way to 99 in terms of the total time it'll take to get there, come to think of it, 98 is not even half way. So it's what ever floats your boat as the real levelling doesn't start till 97 anyway (and then there is only 1 option:thumbsup: )


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Fair enough. I will go for the light sorc as my proposed set up will give me maxed resists, decent damage, and good life/mana, and I will have a countess runner as well. I have no plans to try for 99 as the amount of time involved is obscene. I will try out both a lr wand and a helhel bonehew and see which is more effective, but either way I'll probably keep the wand in the cube for use anyways. Thx for the advice.


LF Zon for the win!!!

With merc's Infinity and zon's Charged Strike, killing monsters is equally to eating cakes..


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Norcim105 said:
Can lower res take away immunity from gloams and from the boss of the third wave?
For glooms - yes, boss of the third way is not lightning immune unless he spawn magic resistant. In that case his immunity is unbreakable. Lister can spawn LI and is unbreakable too in that case. I usually just jab Bartuc and park Lister if they spawn LI.