lightsabre ups and downs


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lightsabre ups and downs

so im not exactly a noob.

i started in diablo about 7 years ago and a few years after that got into diablo ii and throug ha few trial and error sessions i became a pro [took about 2 and a half years] and i had a lvl 98 mf sorc and lvl 99 pvp frenzy barb.
with 2 accounts of mules. =] i was living the rich life.

unfortunately my disk broke, i accidently rolled over it with my desk chair trying to pick it up. it was not until about a month ago that i got a new disk [yay]
so the whole point of that was to tell you im not a noob but i do have a noob question.

im making a frenzy barb again but not pvp, just pvm. its gonna be for fun, and probably for rushing.

what are the effects of a lightsabre in the latest patch, if any changes, what are they?

and what do you think about using dual ls.

if you want the other equip i have in mind let me know and ill tell you what it will be going along with.


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A lightsaber might be enough for nightmare, but I doubt that a frenzy barb will survive well with it in hell mode. He also won't have a shield, so he will get hit 4 times as much as a character with a shield and maximum blocking. That means he needs lots of life leech as well.

I made frenzy barbs with dual Oath swords (runeword) and dual Stormlash scourges (unique) and my latest and most successful one wears a Breath of the Dying BA and a Death BA (both runewords and IMO the best combination a frenzy barb can wear). Other good weapons are Death Cleaver (unique BA), the Beast runeword, the Last Wish runeword and probably a few other 1.10 uniques and runewords I forgot.

All these are 1.10 items which you might not know yet. In case you forgot: BA = berserker axe.

Apart from weapons, I strongly suggest to wear Dracul's Grasp gloves for their chance to cast lifetap (allows LL from anything that isn't immune to physical damage, including skeletons etc.).

You can find a frenzy barb guide in the barb forum.


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My frenzy barb did just fine last season. He used various unique swords along the way but his endgame weapons were a really bad Grief PB (340 damage) and a Lightsabre. That "bad" Grief was, and still is, a wonderful weapon! Something else that helped was an Act 2 merc with a Reapers Toll (ctc decrepify) to nuke the PI's.

Dracul's are great, but understand that if you have any other Chance to Cast a curse gear on, the Life Tap will be going off and on as they each kick in.