LightningRiderS, unleashing the fury of MOOOOO!


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Welcome to a new SC baby for the RFL tournament: LightningRiderS (name too long to be correctly spelled), a classical amazon who will be the official butcher of the family.

Started yesterday evening, twinked, she's now 20+ and has completed Radament's quest in Act 2.

She's wearing Sigon's set and a bunch of strength charms, alongside with javelins - currently a rare eth war javelin with some life leech enhanced damage and repair mod, found by Tournamenteress at some point. Very efficient for leveling!

Titan's - and a Tstroke - will be available for later, alongside with a Razortail belt, so damage shall be here. No Griffon's yet, it shouldn't be the case for that round - unless one can be borrowed, or a nice one available for ohm, but I don't think so, will need to find better trade stuff before.

More details to come, with additional pics.

Let's go!
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Hit lvl 32, just arrived at Harrogath. So here are some pics of her journey until now, and her current status.

With Sigon's, first acts are always easy, so there's not much to say indeed... first notable encounter: Jail lvl 1 waypoint bug

First gambled spear of interest, while spending gold from other chars. This one will be equipped until lvl 18, when a twinked Tournamenteress drop will be used:

Arrival at act 2, lvl 19 #StandardP8

Duriel defeated close to lvl 24

Lucky: Sarina has been fought in the first temple visited!

Easy task in normal when twinked - council

Mephisto beaten at lvl 28, and is always a good guy... Twitchtroe will be equipped after arrival at Harrogath, and Insight could be equipped by merc thanks to the crafted 20 dexterity mask i use for leveling.

Soul saving duty on act 4. Missed the screenshot, but forge was Ort/Pamethyst.

So here we are now, just arrived at Harrogath

... end of the update on next post due to image number limitation ;-)


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Current status at end of tonight's session

This war javelin is nice for leveling

Mephisto's gift, reused Rhyme, Etlitch equipped asap, Razortail finally, and an AR/LL ring with some res

LK drop put in use also

Finally, current status on skills. Going straight for CS/LF, one point in passives and will only get decoy:

Few days left for leveling/questing, it should be fine. Also, got two Vex and 4 Gul so it's a craftable Lo... for a merc Fortitude!

See you on next update!


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I always check until i find the Tome for the quest, and most of the time (if not each time?) I find Sarina there. Never paid attention to the temple name, is the quest tome always in this one?
It's always in the temple in Kurast Bazaar, whose entrance faces the south-west (lower-left, in case you define your North differently ;)).


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Could play a couple of hours today, always on p8, except for ancients.

Questing has been fast, and leveling at Baal is so damn fast since lvl 42 (3 skillers and Titan's)... stopped at lvl 62 and a half, 147kk xp, and next level is 153kk xp. On this level, rate is about 3.7M xp/run if I hadn't mess up with the numbers - but xp bar is always getting big hits on Lister wave and Baal, so if I wasn't writing this, she would already be 63. May push until 67 and equip my [email protected] Mara before Nightmare. Also, still using Sigon gloves and boots for 30 ias, but I have to find some better gear for gloves at least...

Thinking about going the plague route for coming lightning immunes, just for a change - Noobazon had been leveled with Wizendraw and frozen arrow.

Anyway, it is just...lightning fast still! See you on next update!


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After two more evenings - and yesterday I could push a bit more - LightningRiderS is now Champion, lvl 74.

Plan is to level a bit more here at Baal, then enter hell, probably this evening, and run through Hell tomorrow (alone for the afternoon), to unlock cows by tomorrow evening.

Not having Highlord's wrath is a pain, my 20ias 3ml res gloves can't do everything by themselves. I may use one socketing quest for an IAS Shako, and keep the second one for #IDontKnow, the hell for a holy Griffon <3 someday...

Plague is a nice skill to use I guess it would be fantastic if DWeb switching could work with...maybe too op!

See you in hell! :p


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Some pics uploaded... let's draw the timelime!

Leveling ended on Normal after lvl 67

Afterwards, Tournamenteress tried to buy some gloves from Anya... well, the best ones were the following:

Meanwhile, she also found a 40ias 3 traps blade talons

Back to Nightmare... nothing noteworthy, hellforge was a Dol:

Ancients gave lvl 72

And Baal almost lvl 74

Entered Hell at lvl almost 79

And got a really nice welcome package!

1% off of perfect life leech non eth Titan's

Andy gave an essence

Duriel crap, and Mephisto a Windhammer! Act 3 was a plague, either lightning or poison immunes in jungle -_-

Arrival at Act 4, lvl 81+

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On the path to Diablo, a nice armor

He gave nothing but low set items, and arrival at act 5 was close to 82

Pretty nice jewel found

Act 5 gave more xp - settings was back on p5. Took the first round of Ancients, that have been plagued to death

Baal chamber entered almost 85

So here we are...

This reminded me that the Treachery armor was not nice enough for merc. Decision has been taken to craft a Fortitude on a 1014 ebug Great Hauberk - have to find the emeralds and ruby to craft up the Gul/Vex runes to Lo (crafting disclosure here).

See you on next update!
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