Lightning Weapons: Tested and Explained [SoH/TF/OS/Schaeffer's/Fulminator]


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Hey guys, I've been playing around with my weapons for lightning and I'm pretty sure this will help you guys decide better which one is better an in what case.

The video with me testing and discussing about them :

What's in the video(mainly):

I managed to see clearly that Shard of Hate got a lot more potential especially with whirlwind. It looks like this item have 2 sepparate proc chances:
1 from passively useing a skill, and it appears to cast once per second on whirlwind and more often on frenzy and weapons throw ( you will fill the screen with sparks).
Each proc will spawn 3 sparks that each hit for 250 max lightning damage, this is alot considering each spark contributes to refreshing your overpower faster and keeping it up constantly.
On whirlwind it appears to shine even more, there seems to be a second proc chance on actual hit from direct spells ( or probably only channeling). I can clearly see sparks going in all directions when I use WW, you can proc even 4 or more times a second, it's hard to test this when there are a ton of mobs around me because all sparks enter the targets, so it might be even more than I could see in the tests and experience. You can see it in the video too, it's 20 minutes + of procs from all these weapons.

Thunder Fury is still a very good weapons because you have to keep in mind the proc is not only 372% weapon damage, it's actually 372% on 5 targets since in most cases the proc will link. The 30% MS/AS debuff is important too. I would use a TF instead of my SoH if I had a similar rolled TF ( so that I can insert Ramaladi in it ). In my opinion it even have higher burst than SoH and the proc is more precise, meaning it will link directly with the enemies, versus the SoH that is not casting the sparks " homing" style.

Odyn Son is really the " father" of all lightning weapons. This is mandatory for a lightning build in my opinion because:
  • 20% Lightning damage is above average as a main stat for lightning builds.
  • The proc apears to hit for over 400% weapon damage as lightning
  • The proc chains 3 times
  • The proc can chain 3 times to the same target

Keep in mind it's low attack speed, put it in your main hand as most skills scale with base weapon damage, nomatter what the DPS tooltip shows you.
If you use Weapon master and think you loose DPS when you press C, you actually don't. Get all your buffs up and look again,CHC scales a lot better than % dmg on higher damage thresholds.

Schaeffer's Hammer is a superb weapon, I could get 20-30% extra damage from a better rolled+ramaladi version I'm sure, ancients will hit like trucks, overpower will hit like a truck, and especially on T6 and lower GRs, you will see that it's worth your investment and you will have fun 1 shotting large packs just by using Overpower. The secondary hits for 250% max per second on all the mobs around you, also, it's constantly up.

The downsides are : Less Life per Hit, due to less AS and less WW breakpoints, your healing will go down considerably, you will only notice this on higher GRs and it's an issue to HC players
Overpower will be less often, and the CHC buff( Killing Spree) will go down too

I recommend people to go dual 1 handers, but if you don't have them yet or want to have some fun in T6/Lower GRs , deffinatley go for this weapon!

I didn't Test/Discuss about the Fulminator, simply because once you have these wepons, the weapon becomes obsolete. Fulminator's biggest weakness is that the actual target it turns into a lightning rod does not take that damage, making it unwanted for most builds since we need single target damage more than AOE.

Hope u guys found this info useful, and as a conclusion, every weapon combo presented performs almost the same, there is no huge difference between them. It's more like...situational, so overall, you end up with almost the same results in all cases.

Useful links :

Skill proc coefficients :