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This is a build that I have never tried before due to having never tried making a lightning amazon. Then again, most people use javelins when making a lightning amazon, not many have even considered the lightning spearazon, much less tried it. This is a melee oriented build that uses the same skills, save one.

The primary difference between a lightning spearazon and jlightning javazon, other than the equipment and stat setup is that due to being melee, Pierce is completely redundant. Also, instead of lightning fury, lightning strike is used for crowd control. Charged Strike is used for small mobs gathered together and single targets. It's probably one of the best single attack skills in the game in terms of damage since the majority of the bolts released will strike the same target, causing massive damage. It's amazing how quickly many tougher enemies, superuniques, and bosses fell before the onslaught.

Due to the number of skill points needed for synergies, we can't afford to get valkyrie. But due to the sheer amount of damage, we don't need her. Charged Strike was the first skill I pumped, next I started pumping lightning strike together with charged strike until I ran out of reserve points. Then after I finished maxing charged strike, I continued pumping lightning strike. After that, the other three lightning skills will be maxed. Through it all, I got the other important passive skills: dodge, avoid, evade, critical strike, and penetrate. Jab is kept at one point and will be primarily used for leeching purposes and against lightning immunes whoses resistances cannot be broken.

In fact, I think this is my new favorite amazon build.

Here is the hireling and equipment setup.

Act 2 Nightmare Offensive
Andariel's Visage (life leech and increased skill level of aura)
Treachery (increased attack speed and chance to cast fade)
Infinity (conviction aura to reduce enemy resistances)

Helmet: Griffon's Eye (increased skill level, lightning skill damage, and reduced enemy lightning resistance)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (increased skill levels and resistances)
Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate (increased skill levels, life leech, resistances)
Weapon: Lycander's Flank (increased skill levels, attack speed, defense, life leech, strength, and vitality)
Swap Weapon: Call to Arms Flail (prebuff purposes)
Swap Shield: Spirit Monarch (increased skill levels for prebuffing)
Ring 1: Raven Frost (increased dexterity and cannot be frozen)
Ring 2: Rare Dual Leech Ring
Belt: Thundergod's Vigor (increased strength, vitality, lightning absorb, and skill levels for lightning strike)
Boots: Gore Rider (crushing blow, deadly strike, and open wounds)
Gloves: Lancer's Gloves of Alactrity (increased skill levels and attack speed)

According to my notes, I'll have 5 skill points left. However, I spent three of those points getting dodge, avoid, and evade. Where should I put those remaining skill points? How does my equipment and hireling setup look?


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I'd give up a few synergy points for Valkyrie. She's such a great tank. Decoy is very good too.

How about replacing Lycander's with BOTD in a Matriarchal Spear? Or Stoneraven? Arioc's?
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How about replacing Lycander's with BOTD in a Matriarchal Spear?
That's probably the ideal. I've tried this sort of thing before, but my BotD was already in an ethereal War Pike and I wasn't about to make another one. An approximation, but of course the same runeword in a matriarchal spear would be the ultimate amazon spear. Instead of going full lightning, I focused on Jab. Charged Strike already obliterates anything that isn't lightning-immune, and I value having a backup physical-based attack that makes quick work of monsters (and leeches a red bubble back to full instantly) than try to squeeze every possible bit of value out of the amazon's lightning-based attacks. Especially because she's not even using Lightning Fury anyway! If you're already forgoing Lightning Fury (and a shield), I figure it only makes sense to have something else going for you. And I think BotD and Jab, especially in conjunction with Amplify Damage, is what enables such a niche. You get a physical attack so potent that it could make a barbarian blush, and it's only your Plan B for when Charged Strike is heavily resisted.