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Lightning Javazon Guide

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by zzzackkk, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. zzzackkk

    zzzackkk IncGamers Member

    Aug 10, 2006
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    Lightning Javazon Guide

    This build is great for PvP and PvM. Because of the dmg of you Javelins, immunes are not really to hard as long as there aren’t that many. This build isn’t necessarily cheap but not even close to as expensive as many other builds.

    Skill Build
    Power Strike-20(synergie)
    Poison Javelin-1(prerequisite)
    Lightning Bolt-5-20(synergie)
    Charged Strike-20(synergie, main skill)
    Plague Javelin-1(prerequisite)
    Lightning Strike-20(synergie)
    Lightning Fury-20(synergie, main skill)
    (be sure to build the passives as you go. If anything don’t build lightning bolt to high.)

    Inner Sight-1
    Critical Strike-1
    Slow Missile-1
    (evade is good but you can get caught in a dodging motion when trying to run away which could kill you. You will get this up by plus skills but do not add more than 1 to it. And building dodge and avoid to high is pointless considering it doesn‘t benefit as much at higher lvls. Put 1-4 into it and let plus skills do the rest.)
    Stat Allocation

    Str: Enough to use your gear. I’ve listed all the str requirements next to the gear suggested. Without str mods on gloves and torch and anni you should have 100-105 str depending on str from treks and with titans.

    Dex: enough to wear gear. You have 65 dex with gear without anni/torch and str mods on gloves or charms. Figure out how much str you need depending on the rest of your gear. For max block with SS monarch:
    Char lvl------SS

    Vit: All here.

    Mana: none.

    Helm: Griffons Eye, soceted with 5/-5 lightning facet (very expensive) *str-none*

    Cheap: Valk, Shako

    Ammy: Highlords or Cats Eye. I prefer Highlords for the +1 all skills. But Cats Eye has Faster r/w.

    Armor: Chain of Honor. You don’t need fort lightning javazon because you don’t need physical dmg. Almost all of your dmg comes from you lightning skills.
    Cheap: Stopshaft, Enigma

    Weapon: For PvP, +4 skill Tstrokes are you best option, but for PvM(or if you cant find the +4skill strokes) use Titans. *titans str-25 dex-109* *Tstrokes str-107 dex-151*

    Shield: I would say best bet here would be SS Monarch, soceted with a 5/5 lightning facet or a -15%req. Jewel. Another choice is a 4s monarch with either 4 5/-5 light facets or your choice of runes/jewels in it. *str-156*

    Ring1: RavenFrost
    Ring2: 5ll Bk
    Rings Cheap: I don’t know, you need the raven but get maybe leach or dwarf star on the other hand.

    Gloves: +2 Jav skill, 20%ias, and other mods like res., dual leach, and dex and str bonuses. *may vary*
    Cheap: and +Jav skill with mods.

    Boots: Sandstorm Treks. They add more Fhr, and +str and Dex *str-91*
    Cheap/other options: Gore Riders, Sanders, anything that is adding faster r/w, or faster hit recovery.
    Belt: I say Tgods is the best, but others say Verdungo’s is best for PvP. *Tgods str-110*

    Other Info
    Faster Hit Recovery Table
    FHR ----- Frames
    0% -------- 11
    6% -------- 10
    13% ------- 9
    20% ------- 8
    32% ------- 7
    52% ------- 6
    86% ------- 5
    174% ----- 4
    600% ----- 3
    (you only have 20% fhr which is 8 frames, if you have Spirit, you will have 75% fhr. Get seven 5% fhr sc’s and try to hit the 52% fhr for the 5 frames)

    Increased Attack Speed Table
    IAS - Frames per attack - Attacks per Second
    0% ----------- 14 -------------------- 1.7
    6% ----------- 13 -------------------- 1.9
    16% --------- 12 -------------------- 2
    30% --------- 11 -------------------- 2.2
    52% --------- 10 -------------------- 2.5
    89% ---------- 9 --------------------- 2.7
    ( you have 55% ias with Tstrokes but only 40% ias without. Find that next 12% for the next frame.)

    Thank you for reading my guide. Please rate and let me know what i should change.
  2. emar

    emar IncGamers Member

    Aug 1, 2005
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    Definitely better this time around.

    One suggestion would be to expand and talk about play strategies in both PVP and PVM (if you want) - the guide is clearly PVP. Talk about the duels and how you beat or fight each class. Who is the tough duel and who is the easy one, so on.

    Do you have one set-up or do you have stashed gear too? What's on your switch?

    Charms?!? :shocked:
  3. zzzackkk

    zzzackkk IncGamers Member

    Aug 10, 2006
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    Thanks, ill do that right now.
    I had a javazon set up, but my account got deleted :cry: but this time around im gonna make it better using the new information from my guide.

    use 9 jav gc's. at least 3 of them should have 12%FHR. if not then use seven 5%FHR sc's. the rest of the GC's should have faster r/w. Of course a torch and anni. and for the rest of the room get 3% faster r/w sc's. the faster you are the better.
    (correct what i stated above about only useing seven 5%FHR sc's. i forgot you could get the fhr from GC's.)

    PvP Strategies
    (with my old build i didnt have some of this gear, so PvP strategies might be different now with new gear. These are just my strategies developed from my practice. There may be better ways.

    try to hit them either right before or right after a ww attack. That means to stay close so you dont miss your oppertunity. it can be hard but i just CS the whole time and hope my passives keep me kickin.:cool: a safer but slow way is to spam lightning fury at him. all of this isnt as hard as it seems. For any other barb attack just rush in quick and hit him fast.

    Pretty much whoever is better built and has better strategy. if your fast cast lightning fury as you run up to her and then CS. Her passives are about as annoying as yours are. just keep whackin away.

    These piss me off. This one takes sacrafice. You have to run straight up and try to get slow missile cast on the zon. I die doing this everytime purposly because i want full health when im fighting her. If shes casting guided at you when you run out, keep running at her but at sort of an angle, so that her guideds have to turn and chase, if you can, stop running before they hit you to doge them. Now, that her missiles are slow shes gonna be shooting everywhere, cause slow missile is fun! Just watch out for big groups of arrows. stand back and cast lightning fury. She will most likely die from the fury but if she runs, chase her down and CS her. I thought of using enigma to get closer faster but never tried cause my account was deleted by then.

    For the weaker ones, its super easy, with Tgods belt you have 20%absorb and with your gear you have like 85% lightning resist.(+10% max lightning res from Tgods.) That makes you pretty invinsible. Plus you can dodge the lightning the traps produce. Try to run in and hit her a couple times. If she tele's, well then idk what to do but try to catch her or hope for a mistake. Spam. For the good ones, which i've only seen Town Guard, stay far, dodge thier attack, spam Lughtning Fury(which is now called LF cause im annoyed at typing it).

    For the Hurricane druid, spam LF at them, when you LF splits it will kill his minions too. I dont know how good it would be to run in, cause i havn't used this build with all this gear yet. If the FHR is really nice, then run in.
    For the ShapeShifters, YOUR WAY FASTER, run in and kill. Super easy.

    Dont chase the hammerdin. Just stand there and keep track of his hammers. Spam LF towards him and if he screws up, and comes near you, run up on his left shoulder i think, or exactly behind him and hit fast. after he dies stay still. if you have enigma, and he's standing still tele to his left front shoulder and CS.

    If there good, then be fast. For the charger, wait for him to charge you, and either move a little to the side and then come behind him and CS. Because of some decent FHR you can break his charge lock, that and your dodge skill. just dont be running around when he charges you. For the smiter, you have to run in and kill him. this one is all about first strike. i cant remember if you can or can't dodge/evade/or avoid a smiter. anyone know?

    I havnt faught to many with my Javazon but im gonna say to make it fast. These chars wear you down fast so you gotta move fast.

    For fire sorc, move out of way of attacks, and either try to flank them or spam. if there tele'ing around, wait for a mistake then make you move. this is very hard and takes some patience. With the Orb sorc, wait for a mistake from the tele. orb sorcs pretty much have to either run around or tele cause there range is very low. With a Lightning sorc, which we all have found out can get insane strong, use LF. Her nova is to powerfull for you to just stand in it.

    Again, i havn't faught to many to know exactly what to do. I think if i remember right your LF goes right through the prison they make around you. so if you get caught in the prison your pretty screwed. The strategy for this is the same as the bowazon, but they can prison, so you cant take your time. I havnt tried slow missile on them yet, but go ahead and do that, then run straight in and attack. Do not get prisoned. If you do spam LF to where he is. Or use enigma, cause you dont need the resistances right now, tele to him and kill!

    well i tried to make a decent guide, any questions or any feedback is appreciated. Again, this strategy guide is from my own testing and dueling so there are probably better ways. This guide is PvP but is very good PvM because it is a very strong char!
  4. zzzackkk

    zzzackkk IncGamers Member

    Aug 10, 2006
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    Whoops, forgot about that part. On switch is CTA and Spirit. Stashed should be dwarf star, whisp, maras, and enigma. use each one as needed. You should rarely have to change gear.
    Oh yeah and i forgot what armor to socet the enigma and CoH in, use Archon Plate. After having all your required gear on you should have enough Strength to wear this no problem. *str-103*
  5. d00m2k

    d00m2k IncGamers Member

    Jul 10, 2003
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    Lightning Fury - Pierce = Poo

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