[Guide] Lightdancer Assassin (PVM/Ubers)

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Hello :D

I decided to make a guide of one of my favourite PVM characters; the Lightdancer Assassin, or kick/light trap assassin hyb. There are lots of guides (well, some) about this char, but this one is more personal. It have more trap damage than usual ones, not meaning that our kicks will be low because of that, because dragon talon will be maxed too and with pretty good AR/Damage/effects. The idea is balance, and killing speed in p8 games thanks to static procs + high damage traps, and to stash a right setup for ubers; we will be using teleport, so this char is not handicaped with duress, forty or things like this; it's a good char to do everything in the game in all areas, from rush ppl to host dia/baal runs, some mf, etc.

Explanations: The choice of main weapon may seem weird; why crescent moon for static, and not stormlash? Well, the answer is the speed, it needs less ias to reach the desired bp's if made into a Phase Blade; with the setup I propose, it's going to be Fadessin, don't want to sacrifice life tap from draculs (so no ias gloves) and will try to get max trap damage so all +skills matter; while stormlash needs way more ias, crescent only needs 30. This allows me to Cham my helm and use another bk for other +1 and +3 trap amulet instead of highlord/whatever, for example.

Note: when making the guide, I forgot to mention that the -% enemy light res on Crescent moon does not work with light sentries traps, as everybody knows I guess :D It works for Shock web, at least.

SKILLS: It's pretty simple. Max all light traps +1pt fireblast, max dragon talon, 1 pt into fade and pre-reqs. Rest is VERY optional. I placed rest of points into: 1 pt cloack of shadows and mindblast, and rest into Venom. If u want, u can get shadow warrior, blade shield instead... optional.

STATS: Again simple. Strenght: few points to wear Stormshield (will be few pts). Dex: Til 75% block ofc. Vita: Rest.

Let's see general PVM gear:

Armor: Enigma Dusk. No explanation needed. Can use Mage plate but Dusk is ideal.
Helm: Magic +3Traps circlet 100 life, 2 sox CHAM/15Ias-40ed jool. (we need ias on helm for max kick speed with our main weapon)
Amulet: Magic +3Traps, 100 life (and +3traps 10fcr in stash when we want to teleport at 65 fcr bp -rush, mf, runs, etc.- Or we can always use the fcr one, optional)
Weapon: Crescent Moon Phase blade RW. (Static, fast base and 20 ias. The -% enemy light res will help a little with our Shockwebs at least -not bad, actually-)
Shield: Stormshield 15ias-40ed jool. (Max block, dr... we need the ias there for max kick speed with Crescent Moon)
Boots: Double Upped Goblins. (Only source of CB with this setup; seems low, but is more than enough in p1, and still useless as 100% CB in p8 anyway...) Could use Upp Gores too.
Gloves: Draculs.
Belt: Arach.
Rings: 2 Bulkhatos.
W: CTA 664 PHASE BLADE/SPIRIT 35 monarch (important, we will place our traps with this side often so we need a fast base speed weapon so use phase blade. Spirit must be 35 fcr so we can teleport at 65 fcr that is more than enough)

Inv: Perfect Anni and Torch, if it's 25% would be very nice with kicking. 10X20L/[email protected] Res scs. 9x45L trap skillers.

Merc Might Act 2 NM: Lot of options but for this build I prefer: COH eth, Infinity GPA, Eth Andy CHAM.

(Optional weapons in stash for utility/fun: Azure Ber, Rift Caddy (we can use those in teams, when static is provided by sorcs, ppl gives fana aura 95% of the time, and to deal with light/fire/phys inmunes faster; We will save a demonslimb too in stash.)

With this setup, we reach 1-12k traps with cta/spirit side, lvl 30 dragon talon with healthy AR (around 12/15k+, more than enough with infy merc, and more with ench) and 7xx-16xx dmg per kick with aura merc on, static procs like mad, life tap, 4139 life, max block, max dr%, max kick speed with Fade, 25% CB, 50% OWS, maxed resis, and 65 fcr option stashed with cta/spirit 35 side+amu+arach. We don't really need FHR in pvm sins, but when teleporting, we are fine with the fhr spirit provides. It's overkill in all PVM scenarios. If we feel the need of getting more max light res if dangerous souls are at sight, we can put a tg for that moment, but its weird that assassins need that due to magnificent crowd control skills, cloack of shadows, etc.

Now let's see Ubers setup; well, better to say just the items swaps, cos gear is mostly the same for all Ubers but Mephi. In fact, we could use all the gear listed before against all ubers BUT Mephi, because he is inmune to our traps, our static, and we would lack CB and kick damage vs him. So:

Weapon: Beast Caduceus/War Scepter. (CB/OWS/Aura/Damage source; don't use BA because we would need ias and weapon damage does nothing to kicks; with Scepter we are always fine with kicking speed with it alone) We can use this one for all the run, minor ubers/Tristram, or just vs Mephi, ur choice.
Helm: Guillaume CHAM. (CB Source) We can use this one for minor ubers/Tristram, or just vs Mephi, ur choice.
Shield: Storm 15/40, the 15ias now are useless with our Beast, but we will swap to a [email protected] sanctuary vs Mephi; that's why Scepter is important, don't use Beast BA, use Scepter :p.
Belt: TG vs Mephi. Not a must, but helps especially in HC. Only problem is, we drop to lvl 29 dtalon, (5 kicks, instead of lvl30 6 kicks, but not a big deal). For rest, arach is fine
Rings/Amu: Mara 30, and 2x rare rings: fcr/ar/[email protected], +XX light res, repl... /// ar/[email protected] manaleech... What we search here is resistances/lr and some ar, rest is a bonus.

Other option is to change our armor vs Mephi to COH instead of rings and amu for resis, but meh... (dmg to demons does not work, we lose teleport, strenght -kick damage-... not worth it)

Merc Might Act 2 NM: Same gear, he will survive with no problems in all the run tbh, but vs Mephi, give him a Kira 15/15 and he can't die unless u let him tank like mad or make fool things. Keep an eye on him vs Lilith too, but should not have big troubles.

Again, decent kick damage (8xx-2k+), 15k/20k+ AR with ench, 80% CB, 50% OWS, 6 kicks, around 9k-10k traps, some fhr, maxed/stacked resis, and so on...

Strategy: Minor ubers are a joke, don't need tips here, as usual. With our merc alive, our traps and kicks will eat them very fast. Take care with Lilith if focus on ur merc, but when lt drops, all is so easy. We can use our normal PVM setup, static helps more than CB imo, but ur choice.

Tristram: Even if triuber are doable at same time with this sin (or other uber build chars) with the vs mephi resis stack gear on, it becomes so messy sometimes, so play ninja and don't be stupid... Enter portal, atract and separate Mephi with teleport, and let him lost in some separate corner. Go to kill dia/baal, same time or separated, depends on ur mood. Traps and kicks with merc alive will make it very easy and fast. U can use the Beast Ubers setup, or the normal PVM setup, both work. Use cloack of shadows before kicking for more % to drop static, lt, etc. Try to set the traps surrounding the uber, if they target inmune balrogs, they will be mostly useless. Use mindblast if situation becomes complicated, but don't think so.

Now go town, change shield (sanctuary) and merc helm (Kira 15/15), and put beast if you was using crescent moon for the others; enter, hunt mephi, cloack the area, and kick him to death. Will be the faster one to drop. If u make some corpses around (sometimes they dont despawn) use death sentry for some more good dmg explotions. It's better if u teleport around him and not on top, so he target's you, not your merc, or can hurt him much.

Normally the trist run should take 2,50 or 3 min, more or less

Open for suggestions! Thanks for reading, hope my low english was not a problem tru the guide :D
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If someone wants to test the char, since I can't post links atm, PM me and I send a link for it, or videos of her in Ubers, etc :)


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Optional build, with same gear:

If you want an (even) more trap-focused build, with a powerful fireblast (6-7k+), but still useful dtalon, you can max or nearly max fireblast and let dtalon at 3/4 kicks with the remaining points, instead of maxing dtalon. You can place 50% pts into dtalon, 50% into fireblast, or whatever you prefer. Our kicks will lose power, AR, and % to cast static, but it's still ok and able to uber. Feels nice to have still 1k-2k (more or less) kicks, 12k ls, and 7k fireblasts; so versatile :D

It will give more power to our shock webs too, (more fireblast levels = more shock wave spikes/bigger area covered)

The AR is less of a problem when we have infy merc giving aura, and crescent moon have ITD against normal mobs, so... not a bad option.

Have fun.


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Crescent Moon doesn't work with your traps, but Infinity does. The CtC static on the Crescent Moon is still worth it! Mara's Kaleidoscope is probably better for the amulet as it helps with CtA buffs and your kicks (plus a healthy chunk of resists). Other than that, looks good!


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Crescent Moon doesn't work with your traps, but Infinity does. The CtC static on the Crescent Moon is still worth it! Mara's Kaleidoscope is probably better for the amulet as it helps with CtA buffs and your kicks (plus a healthy chunk of resists). Other than that, looks good!
Hey, thanks for answer. Ofc, I supose that everybody knows that +%/-% does not work with sentries, but works for shock wave at least; but I explained the main reason to use Crescent moon is the static proc and it's speed for kickin already :D

Ye, Mara is solid, and used for the ubers setup, but the goal of this k/t sin is to reach Max trap damage, and It means +3 amulet; 10fcr helps to meeting the 65fcr bp when needed, and 100 Life One for when not is nice too.
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