light sorc advice


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light sorc advice

well i found a griffons eye 20//12 so i thought i would make a light sorc.
i have griffons
spirit 26 fcr i think
3 light amulet
hoto 38
1 soj 1 fcr str resist ring

infinity on merc with andys as soon as he is high enough level....i guess my questions are 1. is hoto better than eschuta or should i go for eschuta .should i stick with vipermagi or should i go for chains of honor..cant remember which lightning breakpoint i need to hit 117?? im wearing tgods belt and i know i need to get arachs also. any advice would be helpful and appreciated. thank you


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Re: light sorc advice

CoH is all around better than Viper in this case, because you don't need Viper's fcr at all.

Eschuta / Hoto: 40;
Arach: 20;
Spirit: 32;
Griffon: 25;

Or use an fcr ring if you can't get a 32 fcr spirit shield.

I like eschuta > hoto. Hoto's res isn't really needed (pvm) and the extra -8 or -10 light res you would get from socketing both eschuta and griff is well worth the effort.
Plus it looks a lot better.

Also, if you plan on playing it much, definitely get a forti on your merc. Imo it's the only act2 merc armor that really works, eth or not.


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Re: light sorc advice

You may want to reroll your Spirit for 27+ fcr (117 breakpoint)... but if you already got that bp it's fine.


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Re: light sorc advice

Am I the only one who prefers a Crescent Moon? The massive -35res really helps versus broken immunes. You can reach 117 FCR with Griffon's, 35 Spirit, Magefists, Arach's, and +2 sorc 17 FCR ammy.