Light/Orb sorc guide


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heres part of a fo/cl build


Cold Skills (26 total)
Ice Bolt (1) point. Prerequisite
Ice Blast (1) point. Prerequisite
Glacial Spike (1) point. Prerequisite
Frost Nova (1) point. Prerequisite
Blizzard (1) point. Prerequisite
Frozen Orb (20) points. Secondary Timered Spell
Cold Mastery (1) point.

Fire Skills (1 total)
Warmth (1) point. Increases the rate at which mana is regenerated.

Lightening Skills (83 total)
Charged Bolt (18) points. Prerequisite, Synergy
Telekinesis (1) point. Prerequisite for Teleport.
Static (1) point. Prerequisite
Nova (1) point. Prerequisite, Synergy
Lightning (20) points. Main Spell, Synergy
Chain Lightning (20) points. Main Spell, Synergy
Teleport (1) point.
Thunderstorm (1) point.
Lightning Mastery (20) points
i dont completely agree with the point distrubution completely tho
on my fo/cl i put more points to spike and cold mastery (no casting delay)
and working on maxing cl and lm alone
i have +1 to charge, no t-storm, no nova, and a few to lightning