Light mf-er??


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Light mf-er??

Hi i have a lvl 83 light sorc with full tal & liddess. I thought that would be a great mf-er cos i had a 80-something orb sorc with tal before and she did some great meph runs but it seems that i have currently only 81% MF:cry: . Skills are good, i guess: 20 chain, 20 light, 20 mastery,11 charged, 1 static, nova, thunder, telekinesis, teleport, warmth. Dmg is not good - 8k for lightning and 4,2k chain :embarassed: . I have a pretty good etchu on my mule and i thought if i sell tal armor then i could afford some changes on my items. Important is to have much mf as possible because i want to build decent smiter for ubers (lvl 63 currently). Any sugestions?


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Lightning sorcs, for various reasons (e.g. low min damage of 1, need of +skills, high LR of bosses) are not as ideal as a dual element sorc in MF'ing. Full Tal's will do, as would Shako, CoH, Occy, etc. If you have an Infinity merc, your killing speed will improve greatly. Socket your items with pTopaz/Ist, and get some lightning skillers.

How many hard skill points do you have in Telekinesis?


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Well if you have full tal's then your MF is higher than that I think. There's a 65% 3 piece set bonus. Belt is 10-15% I think. Armor is **% (going off the top of my head here, so someone correct me if needed.) What gloves, boots and rings are you using? There's lots of room for more MF there. Don't forget to socket your gear too (either Ptopazes or LIghtning Facets)


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I just made a lightning mf'er not too long ago.
My mf hasn't been as much of a problem as damage, which took quite the effort to remedy, infinity merc+torch+anni took care of it though. nagel rings, war travs, chancies, tal ammy/bet/armor, occy, shako, and lidless are what I use and I do meph in hell pretty easily.
Magechick is right, there is a 65% bonus to having 3 tal set items. so you have atleast **% from armor +65%.


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Pann said:
oh i forgot i have lvl 17 energy shield and 331 energy.
As you wrote in your first post, I guess you only invested one point into telekinesis :sad2:
Most people pure lightning-sorces go for 1 in energy shield and FULL telekinesis. (20 hard points (=invested skill points) make that out of 100 damage, only 75 is going through the energy shield).

Without maxed (or close to maxed) telekinesis, you will be drinking mana pots a LOT (if you get hit a bit). (this is the reason FrostBurn asked how many points you had invested in telekines. Without it, you will be out of mana soon, and you will not be able to teleport away when close to death)

If you can rely on a powerfull merc, who can tank for you, dont take energy shield at all. I have put a point into energy shield, but i constantly ran out of mana using it, so i stopped using it, trying to keep my merc alive ever since:smiley: .

PS: good luck finding those items you need so badly


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I don't think that a light sorc can farm very well at all.

To put it in perspective:

I have a 91 Meteorb sorc with full Tal's plus enough MF to make it to about 600 on weapon switch. I also have a 90 Light sorc with pretty much the best gear in the game. I prefer the meteorb in 90% of all situations. I've found dual elemental is better for rushing as well as farming.

My meteorb farms Countess/Andy/Summoner/Duriel/Meph/Shenk/Nihl in a very short amount of time. The only thing my light sorc can do better is farm Nihl and tele Baal.

I heard so much about how good a light sorc is so I traded for excellent gear and made one. I tried her with holding Infinity, without holding it, with Merc holding Insight, without Merc holding Insight, etc. I never liked her as much as my Meteorb. My Light runs around with 2.5k hp self buffed with CTA, and my Meteorb is lucky to break 1k (but has a better block). If I rush people I always use Meteorb. When I farm I always use Meteorb. Overall I would recommend staying away from Light unless you're very rich and value killing a few spots in the game faster than anyone else, even at the cost of character balance.

My main gripe with Light:
MF gear cripples her much more so than Meteorb because mana consumption stays high but the mana pool shrinks to accomodate for more MF gear. Meteorb is less gear dependant and therefore can use a wider variety of gear. The time difference between my Meteorb and my Light sorc killing the main farm targets is about 5 seconds a piece. Add it up and it's 35 seconds more per run as a Meteorb but with 3x more MF.


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I will vouch that a mf lite sorc is the best you can have, Only IF you have the currency to make her that way. A MF lite sorc is not for the new comer mfer, cause u will be very disappointed. This is my mf lite sorc.

p topaz shako
3 piece mf tals set, belt armor zmmy
p fcr spirit monarch
1 nagel
1 fcr mana life mf ring

switch cta/spirit
anni torch gheeds tome 4-- 7% mf scs

105 fcr for the ease of tele'n to baal
over 450 mf which i can add more mf with more mfscs
only 12 spaces used in my inventory
max lite res, only res you really need to counter souls.

str enough for spirit mon
dex none
1/4 ratio vita/mana

20 chain
20 lightning
20 nova
20 lite mastery
1 es
1 tele
1 static
1/1 after all those tk and charged bolt. i might but more tk, but it is not needed

1k life 2k mana
18k lightning max
7k-8k chain max
only 65% es absorb, but in pvm that is suffice.

and the Maker or Breaker, An act 2 infinty merc wit gaze fort. Only thing that will take him down is IM. I kill the baal waves to fast for them to hurt him.

andy/trav/meph/shenk/eld/pindle/baal is what i run in ~5-6 minutes.. But I Do full clears when i get bored, like every super super unique in the game and never have a probelm. The merc will break almost anythings immunity, and if he cant hes strong enough to take them down ina few hits anyway.

Not saying that my build is the best, But i have absolutely no probelms running anything in the game quick, easy, and without dieing. Cheers :jig:


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Yeah but then i would have to lose the chanceys, OR possibly get a sorc skill crafted ammy wit 12fcr+ and mf. The faster lite attack wont be more then a second difference in the killin a boss anyway. Just the 105 to tele around is all i use. I hate 63 fcr bp, cant stand how slow it is for a sorc.