Life Tap and Life Leech


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Life Tap and Life Leech

I'm working on a Frenzier and I'd like a bit of input on the life steal/leech/tap issue that I'm having in Act 4 Nightmare, please.

Gear is Angelics, Ravenfrost, Lava Gout, Gores, Treachery, Vamp and 2 x 6os Gemmed Phase Blades. The moron is slumming it with Darksight helm, Prudence and a Blackleach Blade. His gear will change later, to Infinity.

You're about *point* and *laugh* at the weapons, these aren't open for debate. 2 x 6os Gemmed Phase Blades (each gem has 1-(85-97) lightening damage) on main with Death and Lightsabre/Frostwind/Doombringer/Grandfather/Azurwrath - level 85 Blizzard what *is* it with you?! - on switch I haven't decided yet between the five yet, Death is a certainty.

I really want to keep the Lava Gout; the enchant is nice as is the IAS. So firstly ... if I had to change would Life tap from Dracs give me enough leech or is the tap from Dracs based on physical damage? I suspect life leech/steal is also based on physical; so my 1.2k damage isn't leeching a sausage.

Secondly, any other bright ideas? I'm using this list of mods on items I know it's not entirely up to date but looking at this thread about OSkills didn't give me any additional revelations either.

Thanks for any help.

I wasn't thinking so much of AR but Fire damage. Sort of like a vengeance Pally but not. Hmm. Interesting ideas so far.
@Hrus - the reason I want the Gemmed on main is because the moron will be using Infinity. Frostwinds won't benefit much from that. :D
@skoolbus - The angelics are a hold over from my level 12 Twinking session. I was 39 before I swapped my Level 3 twinking swords. :D

EDIT 42:
This might be a good time to point out the boy is 58 ish. Act 4 Nightmare. Cough.


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Re: Life Tap and Life Leech

Well, Life Tap is based on damage done, but it doesn't suffer with the penalties like life leech. I think that with frenzy upgrade and mastery, the physical damage should be enough to get some good life back from life-tapped monsters. You will probably have to try it for yourself.

One thing though - having those heavyhitters on "secondary" switch - well you will most probably do better damage with them, so it feels kind of strange to me.

I would probably choose dual Frostwinds for secondary switch (I would probably use them as primary though :) and get some life leech)


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Re: Life Tap and Life Leech

Infinity removes AR problems completely so you can switch gloves...

edit: and angelics


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Re: Life Tap and Life Leech

I know that Darkoo leeched enough back while zealing with a 6os phaseblade with lightningfacets to stay alive when monster had lifetap on them. With lifeleech from rings, not exactly. Also, skoolbus is right.


Re: Life Tap and Life Leech

All forms of leech use physical damage for calculation. Life Tap is not affected by monster leech effectiveness (e.g. you can leech from skeletons with LT), and I'm pretty certain it doesn't suffer from the difficulty penalty (1/3 in hell); but it DOES suffer from physical resistance. The base leech percentage is also absurdly high (50% of physical damage).

@Hrus - the reason I want the Gemmed on main is because the moron will be using Infinity. Frostwinds won't benefit much from that. :D
Wouldn't the average elemental damage on Frostwinds be more than that on your gemmed Phase Blades? And you'd also get physical damage, freeze etc... :ponder:

Better yet, use Gimmershreds! :nod:



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Re: Life Tap and Life Leech

I agree that with Infinity on the merc, you shouldn't need anymore AR. I'd also suggest either go all elemental dmg, or all physical dmg cause the gear required is totally different. With elemental, you'll need LT and Infinity. For physical dmg, you'd be better off with a Reapers on the merc for 50% more dmg (btw that isn't off weap ed%, but multiply your total dmg by 1.5). Or, you can cast decrep yourself with a Lawbringer, and keep the Infinity on the merc to help with AR. But you shouldn't need any help with AR on a Frenzier.

I'm sure you can make Pat with what you have right now, but if you wanna max out your dmg...