Life Steal

Evrae Altana

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You cannot steal life off skeletons, all of which are undead. Note that some undead are not skeletons, so you can still leech off them. The general rule is: if it has meat, you can leech. :tongue:


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Leech, unfortunately, suffers some pretty heavy nerfs. First off, there's a global leech penalty (-50% in NM, -66.7% in Hell). After that, each monster has its own little "Leech Resistances". Skeletons, for instance, are immune to leech. Other monsters have leech reduced a further 50% or more. In other words, even if you have 100% life leech in Hell, often you'll only be leeching 10% of your damage, if that.

It's worth noting that Lifetap suffers no nerfs- it leeches at full effectiveness regardless of difficulty or monster leech penalties.


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Apart from leech efficiency, as leech is calculated from the physical damage inflicted, you cannot leech from physical immune monsters at all. That includes lifetap.