Life + skills problem?


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Life + skills problem?


I have a question, my wife plays a fury werewolf, with LOTS of life, so she was quite pleased when she could replace a rare with with some resists on it for a BK ring which I had just found. Due to her level she would receive 43 life extra. However, given werewolf transform and oak which should get +1 from the BK ring, that should get multiplied. It doesnt happen however. If we compare before and after ring is put on, the difference is just 43 life. And yes, she did recast the oak and transformed again when the ring was put on. Is the skill capped or something for this or there some bug which I dont know about? (and no, the bk is no dupe or something, I found that myself on andariel).

Any insight as to what could cause this would be much appreciated.


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Life from + per level items isnt multiplied by the lycan bonus just adds on 43 life


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Ok, that is one point clear, but then still one problem remains and that is the fact that the +skill from the bull kathos doesnt seem to do anything, besides raise the ar of her wolf. I mean, +1 skill should make for a better oak spirit and all other life should get a bit more boost from higher lycanthropy, but that doesnt happen. Does the +skill from bul kathos not work or something? The point is, if she takes off the bul-kathos ring and leave the ring-slot empty, she just loses 43 life basically, but she should lose more because lycanthropy and oak are 1 level lower (once again, yes, they have been recast). How come that ain't working then?


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casting with bk on then removing would only lose 43 life as the levels remain (prebuff) but if you unshift then reshift without bk you should have lower life.
oak should also be cast at the new lower level (its not capped any more)
got any numbers?
1) use no ring, cast oak+note life
2) add bk, cast oak+note life (without wearing bk)
3) remove bk, cast oak+note life
1+3 should be the same, 2 higher
do same for shifting shoudl give the same again


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Done it, all seems fine:

-no ring, oak casted: 3022
-ring on, oak casted, remove ring: 3078
-ring off, oak casted: 3022
-added ring (so lower oak): 3065

So all seems fine.
Thanks for the input.