Life route or Dmg route for PvP Fireclaw Bear?!

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Life route or Dmg route for PvP Fireclaw Bear?!

I have maxed 3 synergies for my PvP FC druid. Now I have skills left. Should I dump the rest of the points into the last synergy for FC or put them into Oak Sage for more Life?

My current stats are:
Lvl 75
FC Dmg: 8423 - 9223
FC AR: 13169
Def: 4854
Life (w/ Lvl 1 Oak Sage): 1784

Is the dmg sufficient in duels? Or do I need a higher dmg?


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i would go for oak for more life, dont know ur equip, u got max block or not ?maybe go 10-10 or something but i think dmg is enough so i would suggest oak for more life


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I went damage on mine and he did very well. But he was also very well geared. His stats were:

14-15 k fc
5.6 k life
12-20 k ar (depending on setup)

If you cant get a hold of really good ss gc's I would probably go life route though.


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My gear is as follows:

Helm: Jalal
Armour: Stone Wire Fleece
Belt: Verdungo
Glove: Up'd Magefist
Boot: Gorerider
Weapon: Sup Phase 110%IAS
Shield: Um'd Stormshield
Ammy: Angelic
Ring: Angelic
Ring: Raven Frost


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Your life is intensely low, really. I'd advise you to go for more Oak Sage and find more Shapeshifting charms and/or charms with life on them.


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voice, exactly what gear do you use? Charms? I have a fire claw druid build in mind atm. It seems that w/ enough smc, i can crank out 8k life w/ full reduce, but I only have 7k ar and 4.2k fire claw dmg. Any advice?

*pre-requisites- lvl 85 (97 skills usable)
(Shapeshifter tree)
1 wolf
20 lycanthropy
1 feral
1 bear
20 fire claw

(Summoning tree)
1 psn creeper
1 carrion vine
20 oak sage

(Elemental tree)
1 firestorm
1 Molten Boulder
20 fissure
10 volcano

The only good thing about my build is i can tank literally anything pvm or pvp as long as I want. I need more dmg though. Any revision ideas? I'm thinking that atm my only alternative would be to get alot of shapeshifters, but then i'd lose my max res (essential to survival)


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I would also have to say the life is to low if you can get more life from gear or whatever then sure max the last synergy but with underl 2k life as a melee character that cannot teleport around you are dead.


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I gave all my gear away awhile ago on that account so I could be wrong on what his gear is but i'll list what I think it was.

165/110 ar/ias pb
Jalals firefaceted or shaeled
ss shael'ed or fire faceted
65 water walks
rare ammy w/ +2 druid / 10fcr/prisamic/+dex
rare ring w/ 110+ar 50+life (other mods ... forgot)
raven frost
dungos / arachnid

10 x ss gc's w/ 35+ life
20 stat annih
9 x life/ar sc's

Like i said I could be wrong on some of the gear ... but I think that was basically it. I never really had low ar problems w/ it oddly enough.