Lich Lord in SP untwinked.


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Lich Lord in SP untwinked.

I'm thinking about making a lich lord in SP untwinked. I've always liked the idea of utilizing mages.

I've seen a guide floating around here, and I think I'm going to go with this build:

20 SM
1 RS
20 RSM
1 Gumby
20 Golem Mastery
1 Blood Golem
1 Iron Golem
1 Revive
1 Teeth
1 CE
1 into all curses (all 10)
14 more into LR (for a skill level of 15 hard points, because of DR)

So now I'm wondering, A) is this build going to be feasible to take through hell with absolutely no gear going into this (on single player, and I prefer not to trade) and B) how do the early level go (mostly watch merc kill I take it?)

I do plan on using a mana golem as even going off self found things I can spare sol runes.

Any other advice is welcome.


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Re: Lich Lord in SP untwinked.

You will use amp/CE/merc for early game play. The problem will be killing the normal difficulty bosses as your character will be very weak until your mages are maxed and your merc is decently lvled/equipped. Normal Diablo is especially hard for summoners. Almost every summoner in multiplayer ends up getting involved in a party game to get by D. In single player that wont be an option....and as mages are even weaker than skels, I don't envy you in that task.


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Re: Lich Lord in SP untwinked.

Iron maiden is a necros normal skill killer.
put it on duriel, he will hit you, he will hit your merc, he will die.(also works with the others)


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Re: Lich Lord in SP untwinked.

Normal Diablo is easier than people make him out to be. What you have to avoid is the red ray of death from catching all of your summons and merc at once. The answer? Clay Golem. Just bring a lot of mana pots and pretty much spam that sucker on the opposite side, while keeping Diablo himself decrepified (I had decrepify *just* before facing mephisto).

It won't work on Nightmare or Hell Diablo, but Normal Diablo's AI seems to be different somehow. Personally, I thought Normal Duriel was a hell of a lot harder because of the lack of Decrepify.