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I've been thinking lately and I came up with a nice libby setup.
There is a main all around setup and a caster setup on switch.
The caster setup is only needed against good barbs and other tough guys that render charge useless.
This lib do use cta, but only in the prebuff stage.

Weapons: Eth Death zerker/hoto
Shield : Um'd hoz/45 all resist spirit
Rings: 10 fcr with str and resists, R frost
Ammy: highlords
Belt : arach
Gloves : trangs
Boots : eth treks
Armor : mp enigma
Helm : CoA with -15 req/res jewel and ber

Charms : pbomats with life/ar+life/ res + life

You get good resists, high ds, decent dr.
On your switch you break the 125 bp and have even better resists.
The ar is abit low(10-15k) but you won't charge the high defence foes anyways.
Share your thoughts


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Butchke, u only need to reach the 75 fcr bp if u meant that with "i reach the 125 bp". And dr is one of the main things a libby needs since almost every paladin builds have a max life of 4k with really good gear.

+ u charge att running opponents wich render their defence to 0 wich means u can hit them with only 500 ar if u want.

correct me if im wrong ^_^


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Tasty, with my switch I hit 125 fcr with very high hammer damage.
It's not a must but this switch is needed only against high life barbs etc...
Almost all of the time I'll use the first switch.

The guys that will give you trouble are smiters that use walk mode , 75% block and 30k+ def.
There you can use the second switch.


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my idea on my new lib is:

2/20/2 pala circ
x2 fcr rings
ring mail enigma
greif pb
nice rare boots with usual wanted stats :p

this way you hit 75% bp on regular switch and on second switch you can use your level __ bo.