Liberator questions.

Liberator questions.

I was making a hammerdin. He is level 61, so maxed conc, hammer, 10 blessed, 3 vigour. I want to make a liberator now. I read LovelyGod's guide but it isn't very specific. I want to use his skill placement, even still. He had:
20 Charge
20 Vigor
20 Concentraion
20 Blessed Hammer
16 Blessed Aim
01 Holyshield
(copy and pasted)
My questions are... what kind of damage should I be expecting? And what possible gear layouts can I choose from?

I havn't used any stats, so those are free. Assume I have a fairly high budget. Not the 46PCOMBX100! kind of unlimited wealth, but the fairly decent enough to make a char wealth.

So, any help would be appreciated.

P.s (I do know that 45 is the max, btw.) :tongue:

P.p.s (I'd like to have 125 fcr in my setup.)