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Revamped Thread Engaged ;p.
My name is CRABSOFDOOM, a level 72 necro fishymancer who resides in westcoast and is in the search for social group play.

MISC Information
Network Student/
Reason im trying to find a group is to reduce my tendencys of being solitary and embrace, to a degree social interactions.

Hours im on is usually from 10-12 and from 5-11pm Monday-Through Friday,Saturdays 4-11,Sunday 4-10pm

Game History includes at one point a maxed out Sorceress with top of the line gear, during the early era of Diablo 2.

Currently running A block on private messages due to spam bots.
Please post contact details here Or Type Consider joining games Hosted by me.Password and game name will be Crabs123
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Shinra Beelzebub

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As topic says im looking for mates to kill things.
I don't really get the feeling this will work. people will at least need the time (including time zone) when you are usually online as well as where you are playing (ladder? non-ladder? which server?), also which difficulty + act are you currently playing?

Also, since you are looking for friends to play with (probably), it might not hurt to talk a little tiny bit about yourself. Since you are appearently playing necro, which build did you choose? Overlord (almost pure summoner) poison necro, boner necro,... Also, your level might be interesting as well... Aside from that, is this your first time playing diablo 2, did you have other chars before, what gear do you currently have, or not much gear worth mentioning (can't really tell because I don't know your level)

If you played before, was that years ago with a much older patch and are you up to date with the changes made to the game?

ps. You can make edits to your posts so there is no reason to post a doublepost (as you did) for just one line, that's proper forum etiquete and would be better to not leave a bad first impression.
ps. A wall of text is much more personal than just two lines, and since you want to find people here to play together with, a few sentences about yourself might be necessary after all.