LF weapon explanation please


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LF weapon explanation please

I am in the process of leveling a LF as she is currently level 25 and I've read so many good things about them. I am a little confused because as I use javelins I see they all have a quantity and that is used up pretty quickly. My average quantity ranges between 35-45 and I was wondering if LF doesn't use up a javelin so it would save me a trip of going back to town or carrying multiple javelins around.

Thank you for your answers.


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It is this very thing that makes me not like LF.

I prefer to use the 'melee-magic' skills like Charged Strike and Lightning Strike. All the fun and destruction of the LF. . .and you keep your Jav's.
They get used up WAY slower in melee than when thrown.

Hope this helps. . .


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The LF zon is very good untwinked. But if you can buy yourself a titan revenge javelins then you will forget about quantity. Titans has increased stack size (quantity about 120) and will replenish quantity during the time.
Also one or two LF will kill the whole screen of monsters (assuming level 20 of skill an some points in pierce) Just wait a little and level up :)

IT is one of the most powerfull PvM build

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Early in the game, just gamble until you get 2 javelin sets that replenishes quantity. That way you dont run out much.


dymi, u mentioned IT is the best for Pvm . sorry, but wat is IT?

and also, how mch AR do i have to have? i use CS and LF


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If you're not planning on using other attacks, then you could have 0 AR.

LF and CS are auto-hits, no matter your AR. However some will come in handy if you want to have a bow on switch for dealing with LI's (which I highly recommend, because waiting for your valk/merc to tear them apart will be a long and grueling process). For LF to be effective you want to have good pierce and a decked out LF. It's pretty much a 20 point wonder :grin: