LF/CS Hybrid looking ffor trade advice


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LF/CS Hybrid looking ffor trade advice

Hi guys,

I just picked up an ali-baba doing a nightmare andariel run and I was thinking of trading it to beef up my zon some more.

Currently I'm wearing:

Armor: Haemosu's Adamant
Ammy: 35% mf ammy
Ring: Nagelring + Manald
Boots: Rare boots
Belt : Rare belt
Wep: Titans Revenge
Helmet: Giant Skull
Shield: Bverrit Keep
glove: Chance guards

just wondering if theres any item I can use ali baba for trade that wil lgive me the most bang for my buck.

Btw, I am US East, Non-ladder.

Thanks in advance :)


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i'd trade the giant skull if it's goodish for a shako. try and get rid of adamant too topaz armor would be better or a viper. after helm and armor i'd go for rhyme in a low str shield or spirit if you have the str. for a good mf combo try and get tancred's ammy and boots. think they have75% mf when combined and both are low enough you could go to normal trade games and pick them up. goldwrap or razortail are cheap belts if you want mf or greater killing speed.

ouch just realized you're NL so spirit is out for cheapness.

so i'd go in this order:
better armor (mf armor or viper)
tancred's boots ammy
you need mana leech so manald is good till you can get a good duel leech. now run cows, pindly, shenk/eldrich till you have acquired mass wealth.


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bone/grim/trollnest for good block w/ lowest str or a tower/pavise...really doesnt matter as long as you dont dump points in str when it's not neccessary.


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crawlingdeadman said:
nofreakinway, i only hit submit once i swear!

I am glad I am not the only one. I swear it is geting worse again. I remember a while back, Elly said they busted some squaters on their bandwith. I wonder if it is happening again? I'll check on it.