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Are there any fast ways to lvl anymore in 1.10? I know you can do baal runs once you clear lvl 20, but getting there takes so long. I see people talking about getting to high levels from 1 relatively quickly. Any suggestions?


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You need to get to level 25 before you can start getting the large experience bonuses in Act 5. Best place to do this is in Act 3 or the Outer Steppes in Act 4. In other areas, the monster levels become too high for you and you begin to get experience penalties applied to any character under level 25.


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This is how I do it, but I'm sure there could be better/easier ways.

Do all the quests and run through and kill EVERYTHING in act one. That should get you to around 15-16 if not higher if in a full game. Then go to Act 2 and do Arcane Runs until lvl 20. After that do cows from 20-24, then do ancients to get you 25 and a half for the large exp gain from baal runs.


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I use the same method with every character i play, it takes a while, but it works for me.

I start by doing the first quest, and then moving on to blood raven, where i stay untill level 16, then i move on through the quests untill i reach the countess, where i usually stay untill i am level 20, then i go on to complete act 1.

Do several sewer runs untill level 24, (i also do the stony tomb just outside of lut gohlein), then i carry on the quests untill i reach the arcane santuary, where i either join multiplayer games, or i create one, and do the arcanes in a group, untill level 30, then i move on.

I don't normally do act 3 or 4, unless i feel like it, but you can get good levels there.

Act 5 is the best place, i ususally jump straight to the ancients quest, so you can get to baal, where i join multiplayer games, untill i am between level 55-60, then i do the other quests when i am happy with the level i am at.

This may not work for you, but i use it all the time, it has never failed. :xparty: i