Leveling up my NM merc – help with advice please


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Leveling up my NM merc – help with advice please

Hi to all! :lol:
My question is – what is the fastest way to level up my merc. My frozen orb mf sorc is lvl 86, and I’ve decided to hire holy freeze act 2 NM merc. I’ve never used mercs, so don’t know anything about their development. So I need the fastest way to level up him up to lvl 86.

Another question is – the best mf gear for him. I think that it would be:
Ethereal (or upgraded) perfect Stealskull ptopazed
Ethereal (or upgraded) Skullders ptopazed
Ethereal Tomb Reaver perfect mf 3*IST sockets
Say if I’m wrong.

Thanx in advance for your posts. Good luck on the realms. :buddies:


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What you have to do is figure out which difficulty and acts suit the mercs level.

Eg. Merc lvl 45
You will notice that in harder areas....say hell act 5 he will not get as much exp than say NM act 3.

Just find the right balance and in no time at all your merc will be the same level as you :)


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hmm....IMO u should do eldritch + pindle runs in NM. Be sure to kill the zombies also in the pindles that revive for the first time. My merc gains bout 300k per game doing this. He lvls in like 5 minutes-7 minutes. When ur merc is around a lvl that is suitable enough so that he can kill monsters, let him kill eldtrich and maybe pindle....he gains more exp that way.

well ur gear u posted was for mf...i dont really care bout the mercs mf..wut i use is

eth bonehew(875 max dmg) w/ hel rune and amn rune socketed
tals mask
upgraded shaftshop


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I have a lvl 85 sorc and recently hired a lvl 47 holy freeze merc (highest lvl you can get them at).

I started doing NM baal runs with him - and he gets 2 levels PER baal run... leveled him to 70 in no time, then went back to pit runs where he levels about 1-2 times per pit run depending on how much of pit lvl 1 that I clear...

Was super easy to do it this way - in the beginning he died a fair amount, but stabilized a lot once he hit 65 or so.