Leveling merc?


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I know it doesnt matter now and that norm mercs have the best stats(unless you want a different aura)

but what if i get a lvl 1 merc in 1.07/08 , level it and forward him to 1.10+? Would he have superior stats to his "hired at equal to you level" counterparts? Or something like start classic d2 1.00-1.06 , have a merc and covert to lod...would the merc have more stats or something?
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Even though it may appear like it, your mercenary doesn't actually have any other stats in the .d2s file except for their current experience and patch level. When forwarding, the newer patch will calculate the correct level by converting their existing experience to the current patch. All other stats are hardcoded and generated each time you open a game.

So no, unfortunately. Just as you cannot bring a dual-aura merc from 1.07 -> 1.10+, none it is saved with the character.


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I'm not sure, but I don't think they have better stats at lower game versions. Up to (and including) 1.10, they just have an upper level limit when hiring them in normal or nightmare.

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