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Afternoon All,

This weekend Xbox has diablo 3 on free play so played for a few hours and got to level 10, I received an invite to play with some other ransoms who I found our were all high level, within 10 mins I was lvl 45 which I thought great...... nope as when I returned to my single player game all the enemy's are now double hard even on normal difficulty. I'm right at the start of the game on about the 6th mission, kinda thought I would go back in being some god like being, splatting low level minions instead I'm being crushed by normal zombies, is the game levelled to the level you are no matter about difficulty?

Thanks in advance


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You could turn down the difficulty a bit to see if that helps. But since you leveled so fast take a look at the skills you unlocked along the way. You may have missed them and aren't using better skills that what is unlocked at level 10. Gear may not be ideal for your level either. Make sure your main stat for your character is as high as possible and that you have defense like resists.


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While the enemies and loot do indeed level with you, difficulty definitely does matter. You need to improve gear to move on up through them. Build is important too. At higher difficulties, you need good synergy between skills and gear.

Lower your difficulty, get a few legendary items and you'll be OK to up the difficulty. Find more legendary items and some set pieces and move up again. And repeat.