Level 9 PvP Kicker Help?


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Level 9 PvP Kicker Help?

I would like to create a level 9 pvp kicker and need some help in ways of which items and skill builds.

Assuming I do all Norm/NM/Hell quests for skills,stats,etc I will have 20 skill points in which to do this with.

Just looking for some help.
Anything is appreciated. ^_^


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Re: Level 9 PvP Kicker Help?

First of all, kickers are among the weakest level 9 builds.

With that being said, I still made one since I make nearly every vlld build possible. I won't write a comprehensive guide, but I'll explain the basics, and I'm sure you will do fine.

Charge-up TS gear:
Silver Blade Talons of Amp Damage (2os) with -15req from jewel

With 3 charges then switch to kick gear:

The rest of the gear:

Superior 4os ancient armor with -30 req from jewels
Sigons boots, gloves, and helm
Rare belt with 17fhr/Life/Rep (I would prefer not to have Str on belt so you can switch it out for Deaths when needed)
Standard vlld rings and amulet (Stats/AR/Rep/Life/Mana)

Mods to look for on jewels:


Flawed Rubies are also good if you don't want to spend a lot on jewels.

1 Claw Mastery
8 DTalon
9 TS

Remeber that kickers need a lot of mana or dtm. Get a lot on your gear/jewels, and use some life/mana LCs.

Kickers are fun because you have a chance to keep your 3 charges after landing a kick. Even though they are a weak build overall they can get a lucky "combo" by getting an amp, and keeping charges through multiple kick volleys. If they do, your opponent will die fast.