Level 9 Dueler


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Level 9 Dueler

If i had a level 9 sacrifice paly dueler facing other level 9 ones or maybe even a level 12 would it be a bad or good idea to put 1 or 2 points in smite or thorns or both?


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Thorns returns utterly pathetic damage in pvp (ask SiP I believe he was the one who tried a lvl 2x thorns pally). It's something like 1/10 the damage returned. Smite, however, deserves one skill point; many do an attack order of smite, sac, smite, sac, etc etc etc.



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No, dont use defiance, might is much more useful as a smite/sac'r

As for Thorns, yes, SiP did one, as did I, it has been verified, it is a complete failure... Do not use thorns!

Also, dont use more than one in smite, its just there for the stun, not to do the damage.


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Defiance is useless. The point in Smite is just to stun -- you'll only do a few pts of dmg after the PvP penalty. You're not gonna actually kill anyone doing the sac/smite/sac/smite thing unless they're really slow with the juvs, but it'll win you duels (you don't have to kill someone to win a duel). If you just want ears, stick with sac all the way.


Thorns-heck no

Might i suggest making a more effective build since you seem to be pretty unexperienced with lower level dueling. Its not exactly easy to make a good level 9 sacadin. Perhaps a jabber kicker or charger?

with 1.10, there isnt much variety in low level dueling. sigh :yawn:


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Defiance is not useless... It's actually a nice aura to have on an allready high damage skill, where one or two points in might won't add all that much damage.