Level 62 trapsin can't do hell


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I'm pretty new to d2, and have a lvl 62 trapsin in singleplayer, with random loot, and I am having trouble killing the last wave of NM Baal minions and Baal goes pretty slowly as well. Any tips on how to choose/get gear or what I'm doing wrong?


max fireblast
1 shock web
5 charge bolt sentry
max lightning sentry
16 death sentry
1 in all shadow disciplines
(not including +2 all skills from gear)


110 str
107 dex
173 vit
40 energy

i have about 30 all resist,
531 def

+1 assassin abilities katar
sigon's guard
heavenly garb
other random shit

I have a act 2 nm defensive merc and a tp staff but seem to get stun locked whenever i use it to try to get to baal faster.

Any help would be appreciated
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things that may help you off the top of my head:

- consider hiring an a2 holy freeze merc (slap the hardest hitting weapon you can find for him and give him some life leech)
- since you're going off random items, consider respecing and making a spirit boardsword+rhyme boneshield, this item combo is really hard to beat; powershop a1 normal for 2os boneshield from drognan, any boardsword post a4 normal will become 4os with a socket quest. if you dont' have the runes already, you can easily farm the runes from nm countess.
- and on that note, I'd only go claw/claw when hell anya is available where the really worth while mods are open at your disposal.
- if you do respec, you only need 60 str (enough to don pretty much everything you need) and rest in vit.; when you get the runes make smoke, this along with rhyme and random charms will solve all of your res issues.
- also on that note, smoke has charges with weaken which makes boss battles more tolerable (eg, hell diablo if you're forced to face tank because you've been bone prisoned).
- end game you'll end up somewhere around ~1.6k hp give or take allowing you to tank random flayer exploders and what not.

that's all I can think of off the top of my head.. if you need more inspiration give this thread a skim through; it should help you out, if not at least it may give you a good laugh or two :rolleyes:


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I do have a holy freeze merc its kinda helpful, but apparently runewords dont work in singleplayer? D':


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google Runeword Mod for single player it should allow you to use ladder rune words for single player (it's pretty stupid how there's still this restriction).


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I suggest to go shopping for +3 lightning sentry claws (nightmare Anya is probably best... if the portal next to her is still open). Having +6 from two of them instead of just +1 will provide a big damage increase. If you are lucky, you might even find one which has a bonus to all traps or assassin skills in addition!


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Level 62 is a bit low, but if you've already cleared NM Baal, early Hell shouldn't be a problem. I've found Nightmare Act V to be more dangerous than Hell Act I. Or are you trying to repeatedly run NM Baal for more levels/gear and trying to find a way to make the process faster?