Level 48 dueler, help wanted!


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Level 48 dueler, help wanted!

I'm in the process of creating a level 48 pala-charger dueler for 1.10. First, the disclaimers:

1) yes, I know chargers are overdone, but I had a charger (lvl 12/13) in 1.09 before chargers were cool. Still have him, actually.
2) I've never dueled in this weight class before, only in lvl 21 and below, usually in the 12-16 range.
3) I haven't dueled in 1.10

First off, here's the build: max might, max charge, rest split into holy shield and vigor, with less to no vigor if I need more HS for blocking/def.

-a nasty, nasty non-ethereal battlehammer, the item (thanks Neo!) that made me decide to take up the PvP mantle again.

after the hammer, I'm not sure were to go. here's what I'm thinking:

-belt: rare +51 or so life belt with some other ok mods OR a String if I can get one
-gloves: sigs for the +str
-rings: rare dual leech and a Raven if I can get one
-ammy: no idea. I might go the traditional gelic ammy/ring combo
-helm: Guillame's Face for the CB/DS, however, a 3 ruby grand crown wouldn't be bad, either
-armor: shaftstop socket with a pruby, but I could go spend some time at larzuk for a mechanics of the whale armor. I think
-shield: if I get a Raven, I'll go 4 socket, high base ED/Blocking pally shield, if not, Rhyme high-ed pally shield
-boots: prob sigs for the life leech, but I don't know. Perhaps Sanders for the stat boost and 40% r/w

What gear tips do you have?

Stats: 100 STR for the hammer (after bonuses/charms), enough dex for max block when Holy Shielded, rest in VIT

Finally, since I'm a complete newbie to mid-level dueling, what do I need to look out for? I know to watch for level 50+ necs with their spirits and prisons, and I hear fire-claw bears pack a nasty punch now, and to not duel anyone with a ligh level sorc friend or red hands. What else? When do I really need to watch out for bugged marrowwalk users? Or Enigma duparune users?

Any tips for an old-school LLDer moving up to the new school mid majors?


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Just a few question:
1) Why do you want LL (and IAS, hence the Sigon gloves+boots combo)? I always see LL as a "bonus" in duelling, not an essential ingrediance, since LL have never saved my life, but juvs have. Especially for a hard-hitter like this, I don't see why LL is wanted? For a low-dmg char, who knows that the opponent will get in a few hits too, sort of exchanging blows, I can see where LL fits in, but not here.

2) Why a rare belt with 51 life? What are the other mods? You can get 100 life on a magic lvl 37 belt, if life is what you want.

3) Why dual leech ring, same as question 1. Wouldn't another Raven be better? Or the Angelic amu+ring combo, paired with a Raven.

Just my first thoughts when I read the post :)


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Boots could be wts or gorerider those seems like good options.

I dont think you will need LL on a charger, i havent done any high lvl chargers but i fail to see the use for it.

Mahim is a great amu for this lvl, but if you think you need more mana, use angelics for the dmg goes to mana. You could use a raven and then use the angelic combo.

Belt i would think string would be an option, like you said.
I think Ik gloves would be great for you, but if that is too high str then use mavianas gloves.


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Thanks for the feedback

I chose sigs gloves/boots for a couple reasons. First for the +10 STR, cause that's 10 more VIT, or 30 more life. Second, because other than Sanders, I don't have any other options with the gear I own. The life leech is just bonus, as was said. If I had goreriders I'd use em, but since I don't...

As it stands now, I'll have to trade for a Raven and a String and find a decent pally shield (here come the cows again...)

As for the belt, I don't have a +100 life belt, and I don't know what's available at level 48 to be honest. all of my dueling/dueling gear knowledge comes from low dueling. I can tell you the level reqs for fine charms and carnage jewels, but nothing above level 21. Well, 27 with eth honor lances/knouts!

Again, thanks for the feeback!


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With that lvl 2 other amulet choices you can look at are Saracen's Chance (or mahim if can't pick up Saracen's) for good stat boosts and some resist all or go up 2 lvls to 50 and look at Cat's eye. Or look for a good rare/crafted pally skill amulet with hopefully some life/stat boots. For the rings definately at least 1 raven and then the other can be either dwarf for some fire absorb and life or a rare/crafted ring with +life and +stats if you can find.

Other options for gloves and stuff would be Mavina's gloves for stats and some cold damage, blood fist for more life and hit recovery. Boots sanders for stats, water for more life (or ik/aldurs for life), war travs for the stats and damage.

For the armor either 4socket with life armor adding either ed or rubies depending on your desires or the rubied or ed shaft are both decent choices. Helm (could try crown of theives here for the nice life boosts and other stats. or try a 3 socket with life helm socketing in rubies or ed (48 makes jewelers quite available so use it ;)). Would say try to get a 4 socket pally shield with close to 65% ed and then shove it full of ed jewels :).

For the times when you need a merc around due to the other player might want to pick up a holy freeze or defiance merc since you will have the might covered ;). Or get a rogue and put whichwild string on her.


get 50% damge reduce

angelic rings amulet for 115 life and ar
or duel raven frost and a nice amulet maybe a +3 combat and 100 life magical

guilama's face and gorerider if you want deadly strike
wartravler for damage

glove = blood fist or ik
if you want good blocking use whistand's shield with holy shield it only takes very little dex to get max block with it

if i were you i get tons of ar and holy freeze instead of vigor
barbs around that level can get really high defense. at level 49 they can use ethereal cruel highland blades legend swords etc... doing 300 damage 1 handed


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Ok, with all the feeback I've gotten (thanks!!) here's the gear plan:

-armor: shaft + p ruby
-helm: guillames + p ruby OR 3 p ruby grand crown (would a peasant crown work better with +1 skills, +20 VIT and a p ruby?)
-gloves: mav's (good call all, thanks!)
-boots: probably sanders, but maybe waterwalks or goreriders if I can trade for them
-belt: String
-rings: angelic/Raven
-ammy: angelic
-shield: whistans or pally shield with ED

I think I have most of this stuff... all I'll need to trade for is a string, raven, and 'gelic ammy, and the optional waterwalks/goreriders

Thanks again for all of your ideas!

Is there any particularly nasty class/build I should look out for in the lvl 48 range?


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You wouldn't need the Ravenfrost if you could get a nice Rhyme Pally shield with resists or %ed. I'd also leave Holy Shield at slvl 2 for the fast block and keep pumping Vigor.


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the benefit of a raven is twofold: the nice boost to DEX for blocking as well as the CBF. But if I find a 65% ED, 2 sock pally shield, believe me, I'll prob go the Rhyme route. Just gotta find it :xsmile3:


You need shaft, string, and a 1 handed wep that does over 300 damage, at least, or else you are dead meat.

Edit: My ideal pally charger build would be....
Rare ethereal battle hammer with 300+%ed and 50+ max..2 sockets for two 30% ed jewels
4 socket 65% ed pally shield with 4x 30% ed jewels. ed/max is nice too
30% ed shaftstop
30% ed guillumes
15% string of ears
Ik gloves
saracens chance
+3 combat skills shield and a +3 holy shield wep on switch


Sip said:
You need shaft, string, and a 1 handed wep that does over 300 damage, at least, or else you are dead meat.
are you saying the barb will die? lol
they can get over 3k life
forget what i said if you didn't mean the barb


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Look out for Fball or CB Sorcs; you WILL get owned. Since you're planning on a whitstan, resistance doesn't factor heavily into your build.

Not a deciding issue, but don't duel Sorcs(that are made for dueling.) Another class that can sting like hell, FoH-a-dins. Also, Trap Assns.


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why lookout for lvl 49 sword/shield babas?

I do have a over 300 one hand weap, actually, and with charge it outta be pretty nice.

Unfortunately, I have zero 30% ed jewels, I have a few 18-20% range ones, but that's all, so I'll go perf ruby in all my gear. I'd love to socket the hammer with a 30ED jewel, but no jewel = no socketing ^^

thanks again


Solwolf said:
why lookout for lvl 49 sword/shield babas?

I do have a over 300 one hand weap, actually, and with charge it outta be pretty nice.

Unfortunately, I have zero 30% ed jewels, I have a few 18-20% range ones, but that's all, so I'll go perf ruby in all my gear. I'd love to socket the hammer with a 30ED jewel, but no jewel = no socketing ^^

thanks again
any serious ss barb dueler will have 3k life atleaset 3k ww and berzerk 45% dr
75% block
you will need to do 18k charge to take 3k life that is not counting the 45% dr

while it only take them 1 or 2 zerks to kill you


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... and tele-WW kinda stops you from charging effectively, but a good string of charge//smite//charge will stop them rather dead in their tracks.


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Sol you have a Raven man! Hop on my accounts and grab the thing. My zon bit the big one so I don't need it.

Better do it fast, I don't think I burned in the mule all her stuff is sitting on ^^



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Well, my dueler is complete, minus a few life charms I still need to hunt for. First off, thanks for the PA, Tec. Much appeciated!! And for the 1337 jewel and mav's gloves, and the excellent rare ring/ammy combo, too! Thanks for the goreriders, Radth... with a 15% chance of Deadly Strike, well, double dmg is good :)

So here's the final set up:

helm: perf ruby Rockstopper (thanks Meph for dropping this yesterday!)
shield: unsocketed whistans
armor: pruby shaft
belt: string
gloves: mavs gloves (thanks for the heads up everyone... I forgot about the tasty +15 dex)
ammy: rare +1 pally skill, +12 STR
ring1: raven
ring2: rare +14 str ring with some other mods
hammer: socketed with +28% ED jewel

So now that I think about it, perhaps I should swap the Rockstopper for a Guillame's face, first cause the horns look cooler, and secondly for the addtional DS. I think that would give me a 30% total chance at double dmg, or is it a 15% then another 15%? I'd lose 7 dmg reduce, leaving me at 43%, but that's not that big a deal, I'd think.

Anyway, thanks again for everyone that posted and/or helped me get the char off the ground! Hopefully I won't get PWNED in my first match :)

oh, one last thing... where can I shop for either a +3 combat weapon OR a +3 holy shield weap? I shopped Hell Drognan (GREAT place for grim/bone shields of deflecting, better than Anya) and didn't see a single scepter with even +1 to Holy Shield. I think I've seen +3 combat skills weapons before, but they may be baba only. Thoughts?