Lets Talk Bowzons


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Lets Talk Bowzons

Hi guys,

I know there has to be other peeps out there that love bowzons as much as I do. I would like to know what everyones bowzons look like. What lvl are/were they? What type of bowzon? What gear they used? If they died, how? In addition, what would your dream bowzon look like?

I personally haven't created a real great bow zon since the good old days when ms+wf owned cows. I just made a wws, ms bowa to run the flayer jungle, however I really screwed her up. I thought it would be fun to max ms!!! Uhhh.......although it looks cool, it cost about 24 mana per shot, at skill lvl 21!:shocked: Thats not gonna work. I think I will remake her and invest maybe only 8-10 in ms. I was also planning on maxing valk, guided arrow, and penetrate, 1 into all passives, and the rest into crit strike. I was going to use Treachery armor, Kiras, LoH, Travs, Cats Eye, Noscoil and 2x Ravenfrost. I was originally thinking of only getting my vitality to about 100 and putting the rest into dex, but I'm not sure if this is such a good idea anymore. What do yall think?

I have never really put much thought into what my dream bowzon would look like, but it would most likely have to be a really leet IceMatron.(Thats what there called right?) I would want her to use an Ice bow, maybe nightwing, and possibly CoH armor. Merc would use a sick Infinity cv.

Thanks in advance for any replies. Remember to include your dream bowzon.:grin:



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Lvl ** Strafer

Kira's Guardian (Um)
Cat's Eye
Windforce (Shael) / WWS (Nef Shael)
'Treachery' Wire Fleece
Laying of Hands
War Traveler
Beast Coil (+2 min dmg, 6% LL, +13 dex, 28/8/25/8 resists)

Skills (after +3 from Torch):
16 Critical Strike (65%)
4/5/8 D/A/E (34%/45%/44%)
8 Pierce (65%)
23 Penetrate
23 Valkyrie
23 Strafe
4 Freezing Arrow
8 Multiple Shot

Stats (after gear):
158 str
427 dex
73 vit
28 energy

721 life (I've stripped some of her charms... she can still clear CS pretty easily though)
205 mana

75/75/60/35 resists before Fade

300-2994 Strafe before Venom and Might
529-3237 Strafe with Venom
639-4392 Strafe after Venom and Might (800-5307 Guided)

I made her mostly just to dish out a ton of damage with relatively cheap gear. She's competely useless against act bosses and leveled all the way to ** doing solo Chaos runs without once killing Diablo (on her own that is).

Dream gear would be about the same, only with a 'Faith' Merc so that I could hit 7-frame Multi.

EDIT: Oh right, your Zon. Your gear looks good, but that skill setup is, well, not. Maxing Guided for PvM will get you laughed at in the Zon Forum; Strafe is generally the way to go. Max Strafe, Penetrate, Valk, 1 pt FA with Crit, Pierce, and D/A/E to the point where you want them, then dump any remaining points into Multi.


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Its my understanding that any mods like Critical Strike, and Crushing Blow, etc. are only carried by the center 2 arrows when using multi-shot. But every strafe fired arrow carries the CS and/or CB mod with it.

That is a big part of the reason why Strafe > Multi

Edit: Oh, and my bowazon was ~lvl 50 using a WWS (Shael, Shael), might merc, and some other crap she was deffinetly not finished, but she was a lot of fun to play. The skills were going to be pretty much the same as pt's. She didn't kill as well as a FO sorc in NM for example, but she killed decently and when Amp triggered stuff just melted. She didn't die btw, I deleted her.



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Thx for the posts guys! I know that bowzons may not make the best hc chars, but I expected more people to respond to this thread. PT, was there ever a time where you thought that 78 vit wasn't good enough? I didn't know that only the center 2 arrows in ms got the extra bonus from cs and stuff. This kind of changes my mind about choosing ms over strafe. Maybe I will try strafe next time. Have yall ever made a pure cold zon?
Thanks again for your replies.



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78 vit isn't enough, but that wasn't the point. :tongue:

It's "chance to cast ____" that only works on the center 2 arrows, not percentage stuff like CB, CS, DS, and OW. If that were the case, I think Multi would be completely useless.

All this means is that a Multi Zon won't get as much benefit from, say, Atma's ammy as a Strafer would.


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Love the name xD

lvl 76 straffer so far

Max Valk (Trust me on this one a high lvl Valk is NUTS)
Max Straff (Duh ;))
Max Penetrate (High AR always helps)
50%/50%/50% D/E/A
60% Critical hit

Dont ask me why but i str bug my Newb cannon i love it, Also i got a WWS on switch the 40 all Rez helps. Also did I mention STR bugged Newb cannon plus valk helm looks awsome ? Durrie Shell, Ik belt, Laying off hands cheap gloves and work wonders, Boots War travs work ok bit of mf wont hurt to pit run.

:fortuneteller: I predict 4 os eth polearms :D

Im realy too cheap to buy a WF atm I need to buff my sorc to mf whit her then to buff my zon but il see how it will go xD.


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I don't have an exact set of gear for my ideal bowazon, but she'd definitely have TStrokes on switch. Bowazons require so few skills to be effective (well, somewhat effective... it is a bowazon, after all), that there's no reason not to spend 40 skills to have a decent charged strike for physical immunes & bosses. So, yeah... I guess my ideal bowazon is a javazon. Go figure.


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I just made a wws, ms bowa to run the flayer jungle, however I really screwed her up. I thought it would be fun to max ms!!! Uhhh.......although it looks cool, it cost about 24 mana per shot, at skill lvl 21! Thats not gonna work.
If mana is problem then get merc with insight and you will have almost unlimited mana. Might need to increase the mana pool a bit also.