Let's Talk About Shields


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Let's Talk About Shields

Yes, sorry it took me so long to get this third part up. I've been busy with stuff. Like... uh... you know... things... *points behind the crowd of people in front of him* LOOK OVER THERE! *notices nobody looking and goes on with his thread* Ahem... anywho... We've got Shields coming up in this round. Remember, runewords don't count.

Armor can be found here.
Gloves can be found here.

Out of all of the unique shields I own only a few stick out nowadays. I usually use The Ward socketed with a perfect Diamond at early levels. It provides very nice resistances as well as some good defense and strength bonuses.

Another one of my favorites is Moser's Blessed Circle. The thing is awesome. Socketed with 2 Perfect Diamonds the resistances on it skyrocket. Perfect for a character that isn't working on maxed block, but can use a shield anyways(That is a word, right? ;)). Such as a sorc, necro, or even a pally with Holy Shield can utilize this shield.

Then eventually every character needs to at least try out the Stormshield. Damage reduction, huge defense, nice block rate, and even better important resistances. Who can't love this shield? Some say that 156 Str is a waste, on casters, but once you HAVE this shield on them you're practically invincible!

Honorable mentions would have to be:
Herald of Zakarum(Class specific, I was going for an all around class use. Plus I've never found one in my lifetime.), Pelta Lunata, Wall of the Eyeless, and Lidless Eye.

Onwards to the greenies

Whitsans Guard is a big favorite of mine. The blocking on it is just insane. Any class can achieve max blocking with no trouble at all. This shield is just an all around nice shield with pretty nice mods. It lacks resistances though.

Sigon's Guard is probably the second most used green shield I have. The +1 to all skills and high blocking rate provide for a very nice low level shield for any class. It can be used throughout most of norm and nightmare, but if I'm still using it by then, I try and find SOMETHING to replace it. Usually this is switched up for another around level 18-24. Unless I'm using the full set, then when secondary gear can fill up most spots I lose the shield.

Honorable Mentions: There aren't very many shields in the green area... so the only honorable mention I have is Griswold's Honor for evading me in MF runs for years on end. Good job Gris, you make me hate you more every day. :D

That's all for this installment! Look out in the future for our next installment!



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Sorry for doing this, but i just had to mention Rhyme. Cheap and uberly useful. Simply wonderful. :D

Alright back to sets and uniques. Since you've got most of the good ones already, i just had to mention Taebaek's Glory. Utterly useless. :D


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Stormshield is IMO the best shield around. Nothing beats it. Huge stats on it. It's godly! I seem to like a lot Gerke's Sanctuary too. Very good block, nice def and good resists. So what if it slows you down? I don't care much about that.

For sets, I'd say that Griswold's Honor is pretty good, my favorite set shield. 3 sockets too. :thumbsup:
unique spirit ward would be great as a stormsheild alternative, but with str of 185, only barbs and a few pallys (who have there own shields) will be able to use it.


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My favorite shield is actually from version 1.08: The Visceratuant. That shield was outrageously good back then. +2 Necro, +80 life, level 28 req. Very useful for me since I play a lot of necros. I wish it still had the same mods today. It looked good on the necro's arm as well.


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My favorite unique shield, bar none, is Tiamat's Rebuke. Nice elemental damage, resists, and good defense. Others that I like include Moser's Blessed Circle, Lidless Wall, and, to a much lesser extent, Stormshield. Herald of Zakarum also deserves special mention as it is arguably the best shield for a paladin.

There aren't many green shields that are decent out there, but I'm a big fan of Sigon's Guard, especially with the gloves and belt for a low level paladin.


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well, seeing that paladin's are my favorite class by far, I really have to say the Herald of Zakarum takes my vote. For other classes I've always really used just 3 socket tower shields with 3 perfect diamods, or Sigon's shield for starters (if I've twinked them that is).

Moser's is nice for a sorc and other caster characters, but the other shields...well, haven't really used any of them. I have this really nice blue shield:

Chromatic Pavise of the Colossus
Defense: 72
Chance to Block: 44%
Smite Damage: 10 to 17
Durability: 71 of 72
Required Strength: 133
Required Level: 67
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x5dc8010f
+59 to Life
All Resistances +63
Socketed (2: 2 used)

This one I've also used alot with my guys, even though a tower shield with the same mods would be alot better as not nearly all builds need that much str, especially nowadays with so many good runewords and all that :)


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This one is useful for low level chars, but it's also usefull for higher level chars. My Sept Necro who is above level 60 is using it.

Mechanic's Tower Shield of Deflecting
Defense: 22
Chance to Block: 64%
Durability: 60 of 60
Required Strength: 75
Required Level: 18
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 31
Fingerprint: 0x9f38d96
+20% Increased Chance of Blocking
All Resistances +38
30% Faster Block Rate
Socketed (2: 2 used)


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Most usefull unique shields IMHO: Mosser's, Tiamat's, Stormshield, HoZ

My favourites(because of the strange stats): Medusa's Gaze, Lance Guard

From the set shields: Whistan's Guard

On a sidenote, there are too many weaps for only one thread IMO, and it's strange to compare Lacerator with Wf or Astreon's Iron Ward. ;)


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I agree with SnakeEye85 that HoZ is the best Pally Shield unless you're rich enough to Rune EXILE on an Ethereal shield with 40% Plus resistances and then you have the mother of all shields.

Takis (EL-Greco)


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Moser's Blessed Circle sounds like a nice shield for an act 3 mercenary, though he would probably also be glad for Lidless Wall.


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Lidless Wall for casting Sorc's
StormShield for my Melee Sorc
HOZ for Zeaots and Hammerdins
This is a great Necro Shield I have used

Corpse Emblem
Hierophant Trophy
Defense: 131
Chance to Block: 37%
Durability: 19 of 20
(Necromancer Only)
Required Strength: 46
Required Level: 40
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 93
Fingerprint: 0x114492b1
+85% Enhanced Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
All Resistances +20
Adds 12-28 poison damage over 4 seconds
Requirements -20%
+2 to Fire Golem (Necromancer Only)
+1 to Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only)

But for a bone necro (the only 1.10 necro I have) a hormocclus is the way.

ohh almost forgot the Sigon's Sheild socketed with a perfect diamond. This sheild has been passed between all of my char's in 1.10 until they move onto something better. For this reason (everyone of my char's has used it) I beleive it is the best early game shield.


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I've got to put my vote in for Moser's Blessed Circle . I've used it on every character at one point in time to make up for lacking resistances, usually at the beginning of Hell. Homonculus and Trang-Oul's Wing are the only other shields I have extensive use with, and they are both very effective.

This may not qualify, but Weapon Block offers an Assassin the best blocking in the game, because it can block elemental attacks as well as physical attacks. This makes up for not being able to have a shield with resistances, and with a Jade Talon as one of the claws, is far better than any shield an Assassin could use.

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NSXdreamer said:
So no one think exile is a good shield?
Serdash said:
Remember, runewords don't count.
I'm going to deviate from the second statement of this thread.

IMO, the best uniques shields in the game are HoZ, Stormshield and Homunculous. Too bad two are class-specific and the other has a rediculuous STR requirement and requires clvl 73. This therefore, dampens their usability to all classes. So what is the best shield then?

Its simple. "Rhyme" runeword. MF, Res, +blocking/block rate, and most importantly, CBF, this shield is easily the most usable, most attainable (runes are only Shael and Eth, both easily dropped by NM countess,) and most economical. I have two characters that have slain Hell baal using one, and nearly ever shield using character I have ever made in SP has used one.

Sorry for the deviation, but I think it was necessary.


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EDIT: my apologies again for the double post. The first time I posted the forum was experiencing technical difficulties and so I hit back and posted again.



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Bolinbrooke said:
Of course it is, however you need the runes to make such a thing. So maybe no one has used/made one yet?
I have one from the beta days, but I don't know if can be considered legit by you guys' standard. :scratch:

Remember, runewords don't count.
Oops didn't see that. :eek: