Let's Talk About Gloves


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Let's Talk About Gloves

I remember a while back, Greybeard made a set of threads like this, discussing the favorite weapons, armor, shields, gloves, belts, boots, and jewelry of 1.09. With the vast expansion of items in 1.10, I figured maybe it'd be a nice idea to do it again.

So what are your favorite Set or Unique Gloves?

Personally I'm quite partial to Sigon's Gage and Immortal King's Forge. The bonuses on them are great for any class, and when combined with other pieces of the set, they get even better. I'm loving the IK Forge even more now because of the new partial bonuses in 1.10.

As far as unique gloves go, Dracul's Grasp gets a thumbs up from me. Life after each kill, life leech, chance to cast life tap, open wounds, and strength bonuses, who could want more? Awesome gloves.

So what are your favorites?

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My favorite gloves for my most current character, an Assassin, are Magnus's Skin . I haven't done much looking around in the unique/set glove inventory, but they have the best mods for what I use them for. The IAS is a perfect complement to the Burst of Speed that I use with Natalya's Mark. I don't know what my attack rate is in frames, but it's really fast! Earlier in the game, I used Bloodfist to great effect as well, due to the IAS.


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for low lvl´s i have to say Blood fist

since i mostly play necros or casters (mana dependant chars) i often end up equiping a pair of Frosties. That mana boost is just to good (and low lvl req aswell!!)


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My favorite gloves would have to include Laying of Hands and Frostburns, mostly because I've never had the opportunity to find Dracul's.


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I haven't used much set gloves so my favourite is Trang's gloves.

I'm very fond of mfing and that's why I have to choose Chance Guards.


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Nice threads they were indead!

My favorite gloves:
- Laying of hands. More damage, always good.
- hand of broc: dual leach, equipable at lvl 3 (?), and all my characters find one (well, the score is at 6 or something like that)
- magefist for casters

Other stuff tailored to more specific needs, e.g. + amazon skills crafted blood gloves with resist and ias is offcourse also nice, if i could ever get one.......



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Laying of hands for the green ones and Dracul's Grasp for the gold...

Other worthy of note Chance Guards and Frosties...


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Laying of Hands is nice, but such a high lvl requirement...

Frosties for casters...

Chance Guards for MF'ers

Lava Gout for everyone! Great IAS, Enchant casts often, giving AR and dmg...and makes your weapons blood-red...oh so cool.


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I have to go with Laying of Hands here too. Also Dragul's Grasp for uniques. My Grizzy pally uses them both depending on the situation. Although Full IK set, IK Gloves are pretty high on my list, or even with just 5 items.


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LoH wins with style from the set gloves, and Dracul's from the uniques. Bloodfists are very close behind! :)


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Dragul's Grasp for my zealot, except when I MF and then I use Chance Guards

Takis (El_Greco)

Dave in the basement

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Kindly mark me down for Laying of Hands and Chance Guards.

On a side note, what does Enchant do? I am not familiar with that skill/attribute...


Dave :D

Kolor Klown

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I don't get much gloves :(, I just stick with my trang ouls glove (spelling?) for my necro, or sigons

-Klown :xx:


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my favorite gloves

I have a pair of Soul Drainer Vambraces that I simply love. They give dual leach, Chance to cast Weaken, and -50 to monster def. per hit. They are very nice IMO.


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I like Magefist for my sorceresses. Laying of Hands is a good choice for any melee characters. I even have a pair of them on my BF/LS trapper. Trang-Oul's Claws just own on my bonemancer. FCR, Cold resist, and +2 to Curses? Yes please.


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For low levels, Death's gloves and sash are my favorite.
At higher levels, I have used the ones that have been mentioned with
various classes, but my favorite would probably be a good pair of
blood gloves.


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As someone devoid of any fortune in the 'finding-elite-set-and-unique-items' department, I'd have to go with Chance Guards since they might help me find better ones! :)

Cleglaw's Pincers are nice but have fallen somewhat out of favour with me due to their 'effect' on certain monsters - specifically, the huge desynch they cause in 1.09 which made the Chosen group's fight against NM Diablo somewhat more dangerous than it should have been...


Dave in the basement said:
On a side note, what does Enchant do? I am not familiar with that skill/attribute...
Go play a sorc, right now :)

It adds Fire damage and Attack rating to Enchant's target for a period of time. It's really quite handy for a bit extra damage (or, if applied properly in 1.10, cutting through everything like a hot buzzsaw through pre-melted butter).


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I'm a big fan of Venom Grips for mid-level gloves. CB, LL, and +max posion resist aren't too shabby.