Let's Talk About Armor

Zarhrezz said:
I'd have to disagree on the "ONLY merc armour worth having"...my defiance merc uses Guardian Angel with Kira's Guardian. 90% resist all allows him to take pretty much any elemental beating and his ac keeps him standing against melee attackers. Well, I guess the Reaper's Toll kinda helps too ;)
Ahh but you see.... he has FULL resists...


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For me it would be for Magic users / Ranged Attackers / Melee Characters:
Low level : Heavenly Garb / Twichthroe / Greyform
High level : Vipermagi / Duriel Shell / Shaftstop

I'm sure they are not the best of all, but they are the ones I used to have on b.net. I would love to add Tal's Guardianship but never got to wear one.

Ohh, and a special mention for Skullder's Ire ;)


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The armour that's on most of my characters is some type of socketed elite with a Lionheart stuck into it. My favorite unique would be the Duriel's Shell, followed closely by Skullder's Ire. I am surprised nobody mentioned Arkaine's Valor, although for the level requirement it is probably not such a good choice in 1.09 & 1.10. A 1.08 version though...



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Jezzwashere said:
Ahh but you see.... he has FULL resists...
As in 75% resist all, or 95% resist all (which imo is full resists...can't get any higher)? The difference between 75% and 90% is huge...I use Kira's since the merc is lvl 78ish so his resists need a boost still, plus CBF and 20% FHR...if I ever get high enough level to not need the resist all from Kira's I'll put the Guillame's back on him.


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Shaftstop is best unique armor (especially when upgraded) and Tal Rasha's Guardianship is awesome too

Thats simple but true :)


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From the uniques, I'm addicted to the Leviathan Kraken Shell. It's like shaft on steroids! :D
From the set armors, it must be Hwanin's Refuge, great armor for the mid lvls, chance to cast static when struck, good def, 100 life, what else you might want?! :) It's very underrated tho...
But my absolute favorite armor isn't set or unique, it's runeword: Chains of Honor


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I have never found a unique or set armor that really suited the character I was playing (I never transfer items between characters). Closest was Heavenly Garb for my 1.09 skellimancer/Lord of Mages.

My favourites armors are 'Stealth', 'Smoke' and the very customizable Artisans/Jewelers armor of the (insert large animal, preferrably aquatic).

I guess I have not found my favourite armor yet...


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Chock one more up for Duriel's Shell, I always find one, and I only ever found one Shaftstop and it was nice but since I have no Ravensfrost I'll got with the big D.


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Well, frankly I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned the Skin of the Vipermagi as their favorite armor! You guys must all be playing melee chars. This armor is really quite sweet - especially for a caster. Its got low lvl rewuirements, nice resists, secent defense, and faster cast! Nothing that a caster char isn't looking for. People have mentioned Hwanin's Refuge as a good mid-game armor. While this is certainly true, I found it to be more helpful when I put it on my merc. I just let him get swarmed for a few seconds, feed him a red potion, and the static field on the armor has reduced every monster in the swarm to a sliver of hitpoints! With lots of life leech on him, this is a valid end-game setup for anyone who can't afford a Shafty or Leviathan. :D


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whom, I mentioned it on my post...but the favorite armor depends on the build you're playing...my sorc will love her vipers :D


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my first necro found a venom ward and i thought it was the nuts. he's still wearing it i think.


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essentially i have the same pciks as most other people here,
Duriel's Shell is probably my all-round favorite for melee ( i have a perfect 200% one that my werewolf is wearing - upgraded 1560 or so defense), vipermagi for the casters. though i also think Iron Pelt deserves an honourable mention for mid-level characters - through nightmare the damage reductions are very useful

For sets, it's pretty much Naj's and Tal's, can't think of any others i get excited about


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I agree with Vorbiss on Leviathan, it's especially great for a titan barb. I also like many of the ones already listed, like shaft, or duriel's, but I also like Skin of Flayed One. It's a great low level armor for melee characters.


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My personal favorites are the stone runeword and Tal Rasha's Guardianship.

The stone runeword has some good resistance and lovely defense. If you socket that in a sacred armor, one can easily get 2000-2400 defense. That is a lot. Along with faster hit recovery and + stats, what more can a melee want? With my zealot's current setup, I believe with defiance he can get near 30k defense. That is a lot. :xgrin:

Tal Rasha's Guardianship is just a good multi-purpose armor. I have been blessed with finding 7 set laquerated plates (I changed my map and do not find laquerated plates as often anymore. I find threshers and sacred armors :xcool: ). It has wonderful magic find, resistance, and low requirements. My mercenary just loves using it on my magic find avenger. It allows him to take on enemies in the world stone keep and stilll allow me to get that extra magic find. xparty:


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There are a lot of decent armors out there. Guardian Angel used to be my favorite paladin armor, until I discovered the joys of runewords. My spellcasters NEVER leave home without their Skin, IMO, the best spellcaster armor in the game bar NONE. For melee characters, Shaftstop is all right, but I personally never notice a difference with damage reduction OR high defense. They hit me hard and fast no matter what. Black Hades can be useful if you need a quick 30 to some resists and have the spare resist runes. Silks of the Victor is very nice; I've considered upgrading it myself because of it's nice shiny blue color. Twitchthroe is also nice, but not that special. Duriel's Shell is the best merc armor as far as I'm concerned. Bonuses to def, life, resists, CBF...if breastplates didn't look so dorky on so many characters, I'd use it more often.

As for set armor, Trang-Oul's Scales. Accept no substitutes.