Let's get naked! (tournament)


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Let's get naked! (tournament)

After lurking in the SPF forums for a while I have learned (at least) two things:
1. There aren't enough tournaments for necromancers
2. Fischymancers think they can complete the game naked.

If you are someone who believes either of these, then this is for you!

The Let's get naked! Tournament

Any character may be used, but each character is only allowed to use one weapon...no armor...no amulets...no rings. The battle will be to see who can get the furthest in this game. Since Necromancers seem to believe that they can easily do this (and I may tend to agree), they will be slightly penalized, but for all the Necros out there, this is your time!


1. Hard-core only, please no multiplayer.

2. Version 1.10 or 1.11 RRM and RWM are allowed

3. Only one weapon (at a time) may be used for each character. If necessary, weapon switching is allowed. Two-handed weapons are permitted (and encouraged). But, Necromancers are not allowed to use *anything* (except their minions). Necros may use their initial wand until Level 2.

4. No armor, rings, amulets, boots, gloves, hats, armor, belts, shields, etc. are allowed. Charms are acceptable, and socketing your weapons is okay as well.

5. Any skill may be used without penalty.

6. Areas may be re-run without penalty.

7. For all characters other than Necros, you may use Mercs with no item restrictions. Please note the following though:
a) the Act 1 Merc can only be had after completing the Burial Grounds quest
b) once a Merc dies he/she cannot be revived
c) if you switch Mercs, you cannot go back to the previous Merc. (Ex: I obtain a Act 1 Rogue and once I get to Act 2 I choose to get a new Merc. My Act 1 Rogue has now died.)
d) If you do not get a new Merc when you enter a town, you may return to the town later to get the Merc for the first time. (Ex: I have my Act 1 Rogue until she is slain in Travincal. I then have the choice of getting the Act 2 Merc that I skipped out on)
e) Necromancers have enough of an advantage, so no Mercs for them.

8. No muling on or off with ATMA. You may use your stash.

9. Scoring
- 1 point per WP
- 2 points per quest
- +10 points for using a Druid (slight penalty for the summon potential)
- +20 points for using a Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, Assassin, Amazon (all but Druid and Necro)

10. Deadline : August 31st, 2006. I am a teacher, so I'll need to get back to the real world at the end of the summer.

11. Winner : Scoring the most points, the winner will receive the highest rune in my stash. Don't get your hopes up, I believe it is a Shael at the moment. As you can see, you are basically playing for the fear and respect of your peers, as well as allowing Necromancers to get some credit.

12. Signup
(I will make a table as time goes on to compare scores)

13. Good luck and have fun!



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Chain of Strength said:
we arent allowed to mule off runes. So this reward is unreachable.
Smart guy...I can just email you the rune I suppose (treading water...)

ForumName: OneFromBeyond
CharacterName: NNNNNaked
CharacterClass: Barbarian



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actually, I believe he's saying you can't give a rune away as a prize - it's against forum policy. You definitely should check with Cattleya and Hrus on that. Although I wouldn't be surprised if some of the participants offered items as a prize to the winner.

By the way, I think Hammerdin's are strong enough that they should be somewhat restricted too.

... and what about potions/scrolls/tombs? Are you allowed to use them?


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Sorry didn't know about the rune thing. Maybe I'll wait out for what the prize is going to be.

My feelings are this: basically any character (except perhaps a Barbarian) is able to take advantage and kill things either at a distance or with minions. I feel that if I start limiting Hammerdins, then suddenly it turns into "Frozen Orb dominates as well" and "what about Lightning trappers" or "how come Amazons can cast Valkyrie" etc. etc. etc. I sort of wanted to make a tournament where pretty much all types of characters could play. If people agree though, there can be a penalty on Hammerdins.

Any other item (potions, scrolls, tombs, charms, what have you) that can fit into your personal stash is okay.


Von Lazuli

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Ah! No belts for potions.... This could be interesting. I feel a lot of Save & Exit will be happening. Eh. Go Go Trapsin.

I have to admit that for s***s and giggles I tried this with a trapsin a while back. She got to Tal-Rasha's tomb in norm before expiring when she got mobbed by Scarabs and I ran out of Rejuvs (Damn no belt!) and didn't hit save and exit fast enough.

So there is a starting point. Get past Act 2.



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Oh yeah, this sounds like fun. I've definitely got to try this, if I have the time. I'm going to have some time to play tomorrow, and maybe the day after that but... not for a while then after that. I hope I'll be finished before the end of the deadline.

I think I'll also enter with a Trapsin. I'd go with a Summoner druid if not for the pitiful damage with no +skills on the summons.

So dual-wielding isn't allowed? That would mean quite a nice bonus in skills if Assasins could.


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sirpoopsalot said:
By the way, I think Hammerdin's are strong enough that they should be somewhat restricted too.
I don't know anyone who's completed a naked hammerdin, do you? These chars are pretty fragile and item-dependent. I say don't exclude them. Simple rules are better. No need to balance out a tournamant too much, or it gets too complicated, and no one agrees with the balancing anyway.

I've tried a few naked characters along the way (no weapon even!), and they are very difficult. I wish I had the time to join another contest, but honestly do not. Good luck to the contestants!


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San said:
So dual-wielding isn't allowed? That would mean quite a nice bonus in skills if Assasins could.
Sorry no dual wielding (for Barbs or Assassins).

Also, I was playing last night, if you accidentally pick up a white weapon and accidentally equip it, just take it off when you notice please.



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ForumName: IRoK
CharacterName: Nudist
CharacterClass: Barbarian (cuz i'm a dare devil :grin:)


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presumably, we're allowed to pick up items to sell, as long as we don't use them.
Please correct if this is not the case.

Also :

ForumName : waflob
CharacterName : PoisoNood
CharacterClass : Amazon


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No merc for a necro basically takes it out. From my bare understanding of naked play, your merc plays a vital role. If I were a tourney type, under these conditions, I'd go with a passive-zon.


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A suggestion:
All male characters are allowed to mule on 1 item: The Diggler.


ForumName : Dalemite
CharacterName : Ranger_Rick
CharacterClass : Paladin


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Okay, I just fired up Pimeys, the naked Trapsin. Pimeys is finnish for darkness, pretty simple name really. I just thought she'll most likely spend most of the time while in the vincinity of monsters under the effect of CoS.

I need a little clarification on the merc thing. If I happen to get till Nightmare, can I get a new merc there, if I'd for example killed an act V merc still during Normal? Or is Normal the only place to get your mercs?


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Here's a table to get the tournament started. Remember, WPs are 1 point, quests are 2 points, and a 20 point bonus to Assassins, Paladins, Barbs, Sorceresses and Amazons, and a 10 point bonus to Druids. I also put a spot that you can list your current weapon (if you so choose).

OneFromBeyond   NNNNNaked            Barb   21  Scepter
Irok            Nudist               Barb   21  ????
waflob          PoisoNood            Zon    21  ????
Dalemite        Ranger_Rick          Pal    21  ????
San             Pimeys               Assas  21  ????


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I got a couple other tournaments im in, but if the sign up deadline isnt for a little while, ill join.


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No prob Hoop76, take your time. I wanted to have it done my August 31st, but you can join right up until that date I figure.