Lennox Lewis, WBC World Heavyweight, Retires.

Dark Matter

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Lennox Lewis, WBC World Heavyweight, Retires.

The WBC gave him until March 1 to confirm a rematch with Vitali Klitschko, who he beat on June 21 last year to retain his World Heavyweight Title.

Today he announced his retirement.

He is the first reigning World Champion to retire since Rocky Marchiano in 1956.

41 wins,1 draw and 2 losses from 44 Pro fights - Not too shabby as boxing statistics go.

Lewis's mother was instrumental in persuading him to retire. She thinks it's about time he had some kids :)

I think he's done the right thing.

Much as I LOVE Ali, I think he (Ali) made a mistake in carrying on for too long.

The Story

I wonder who'll be the next champ? Vitali or Vladimir Klitschko? Roy Jones Jr? Corrie Sanders? or even a V tired Tyson?

Place your bets ...


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I was hoping for a Klitscko rematch. I felt Lewis got thrown around pretty good in that last fight. I dont think he should still be wearing the belt after Klitscko tore him a new one. But hey, props to a good fighter who realizes when his time is up.

Edit: My bets on Vitali to take the title whenever they decide it.

Smeg Head

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Lewis has been overrated as a boxer for years. I'm glad to see him leave. Especially since this leaves a vacuum at the top. There's going to be some outstanding boxing this year in the heavyweight division.

I predict Vitali will take it by the end of May. By the end of the year Roy Jones Jr. will take a shot at the title and get so badly beaten he is forced to retire.

One fight I'd like to see is Holyfield vs. Tua. It'd be short but brutal. Good popcorn munchin' TV


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I'm kinda with Smeg, the heavyweight division in boxing is pretty lame. The lower weight classes generally have better fights, in my opinion.

Ash Housewares

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I thought he was underrated? hello? he was the champ people, he beat everybody, and still no one liked him

I didn't like him, but I respect him

and Ali should have retired after he beat Spinks

Smeg Head

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Lewis hasn't fought a real title contendor for years other than his last. Which he was losing badly the entire fight. He avoided the hard fights for virtually all his career. Holyfield was the toughest man he fought (again other than last time out). Sure he beat Tyson. So could just about any top 15 heavyweight at that time.

Mac, you got it. I like the 132 lbs thru 168 lbs classes. The really small guys fight fast and hard but you almost never see a knockout.

Ash, being the champ doesn't mean much if you dont actively seek out the best challengers and beat them. Lewis ducked both Klitchko brothers as long as possible. He fought only one of them and was overmatched. Now witht the deadline coming up, he retires.

Had he been a real champ, he would have already fought everybody in the top 15 in the division. Or lost trying. Instead he avoided fighting and bogged the heavyweight division down. But with him out of the way, this year is going to be exciting.


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I'd have to agree with Smeg on his apprasial of Lewis. When he beat Tyson, Ol' Iron Mike was a washed-up brawler. He got pounded against Vitaly, and only came out of that one with his title because of a lucky cut. This makes for some interesting scrambling within the pro ranks and maybe some good fights will come out of it.
I do have to disagree with everyone about the lighter fighters; anything below super-middleweight is dull IMO. Sure, they're fast, but nothing beats a brutal overhand right that knocks the guy into next week from a superheavy. They fight like I do in the ring, heavy, slow, but if a clean blow lands, it's goodnight, Gracie!