Lend me a hand.

Lend me a hand.

So... I decided to quit DII until the next season, but it's been a long time so I'm restarting anyway. Only problem: I started a new account. I just want a quick softcore rush (ladder or non-ladder, whichever). I don't want to play through normal for nothing. Matt was helping me but I guess he went to bed...


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I got online, but it was a different account, i thought you still had it from last time i rushed you, sorry :) I tried to /w you, but i must have had it wrong. See you tommorow


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all you have to do is log into an account that has hc activated and then log inot ur new one. then your good to go...


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I think that with 1.10 possesing any character(single player or bnet) that has beaten baal will allow you to create hc chars. Therefore, you should be able to download any single player character (i think) that has killed baal and create hc chars. If this is true, downloading Monojerry's Maldar: http://diabloii.net/columnists/maldar/Maldar.d2s
should work.

However, I could be completly wrong, in which case, I oppologize for whasting your time.