Legit PvP sorc Tournament Non Ladder US East


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Legit PvP sorc Tournament Non Ladder US East

I am trying to organize a PvP legit Sorc Tournament on non ladder US east. If we have enough people interested we can schedule a time for it. It would be a single elimation tournament that is first to 5 kills to win the match. It would be for all types of sorcs and would not allow any hacks, bugged and/or glitched items. The rules would be as listed.

1. before the begining of the duel, the character would have to show all equipment worn during the duel and their full inventory of charms. The sorc would be required to have a full inventory as to not store items or pots to be used during the duel.

2. All duels will take place in Blood Moor and will be cleared of all monsters and pots.

3. No potting, either mana or life is allowed, being it is a sorc tournament, mana pots will not be allowed.

4. The duel begins when both players say G. If available there will be two other characters in the game that will be partied with one of the characters dueling so they can monitor and make sure the character does not heal.

5. The character to reach 5 kills first is the winner of the round and will move on to the next stage.

6. Their are no mercs allowed

7. Anyone caught cheating, hacking, or disobeying the rules will be disqualified.

If we can get enough sorcs interested, I will make up a bracket and post it. Then we can find a time that works for everyone. As long as both players verify the outcome of the duel, you can find a time to duel ur oppenent that is seperate from posted times, but both characters must verify the outcome. It would be better if we could find a time where the duels could be monitored and multiple rounds could take place back to back. If you are interested in participating in a tournament like this, please leave ur account name and if we get at least 8 players, I will begin to make a bracket, but the more the merry. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve or things they do not like about the tournament, plz feel free to comment. If anyone can also think of a reward for 1st place, plz comment as well. I am working towards tyring to get some legit dueling going on again, so us that enjoy dueling using skill and not hacks and bugged equipment can still find enjoyment in diablo II.