Legacy Sockets


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Legacy Sockets

Hi. I've been playing D2LoD for about 3-4 months now almost exclusively solo, which basically means I can play, but I don't know crap about gear.

So I've been poking around d2.net and the arreat summit looking for a gear layout to build stats around for my first 'lets build a character with a purpose' character. I thought an easy place to start would be collecting the Legacy. (then a read about how hard some of the items are to find :p)

So I've got my stats where I want them (enough str for gear, enough dex for max block with holy shield on, and the rest to vit), and I've managed to collect griswold's heart.

Now, my original idea was to put PDiamonds into the shield, and PSkulls into the weapon, but I have no idea about the armor/headpiece. I know my ideas so far are probably way off base, and I get the feeling putting PTopaz into the rest this set would be hella wasteful, so I'm looking for suggestions.

I'm building a fanat/zeal (as i said, trying to go for simple), as I'm sure that fact will make a difference.



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my first guess for sockets :
helm/armor -> ed jewels (enhanced dmg) / can have any possible second mod except max dmg
shield -> perfect diamonds but only just enough to get max res
weapon -> ed jewels / can have max dmg as second mod

sorry but pskulls is plainly a bad idea since the result you would get from using ed jewels in there is far greater, have to get ll (life leech) and ml (mana leech) from the rest of your gear, there might be better options but once again this is my first idea


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That makes sense: The wpn for the set doesn't do a great deal of damage (at least, nothing spectacular) on its own, and the rest of my gear slot (ammy, hands, rings, belt, feet) can provide my leech.

Thanks for the help :)


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4 ohm the weapon, 2 ber the helm, 3 ber or three jah the armor, 3 um the shield

(this is assuming wealth isnt an issue)


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my most successful griswold's itamz sockets were.

Helm- Ber Ber
Weapon- Lo Ohm Ohm Shael
Shield- Um Um Um
Armor- Pul Pul Pul

assuming wealth is an issue then.

Helm- Ias/ed jewels
Weapon- ias/ed or max/ed
Shield- Pdiamond Pdiamond Pdiamond
Armor- ... idk?


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hm, so my guess was right, yay :grin:
just dont use a shael or any ias jewels because you wont need extra ias