least fav way?


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least fav way?

k i think i remember doing a favorite way to travel thread awhile ago, so this is an oppisite :)

what's your least favorite way to travel? mine would have to be plane.. out of the ones i've tried so far, i found it absolutely terrifying and i will avoid it for the rest of my life as long as it isn't necessary


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I drove for 13 straight hours to get to where I am now, which isn't too bad. I'd say... hmm, tough choice. I don't mind traveling at all to be honest. Oh here we go... running.


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Moving van is #1 in the "Worst Ways to Travel" list.

'Cause it like driving a really, REALLY bad truck, except this truck weighs 3,000 pounds and it 40 feet long. IT's very hard to find a parking spot near a hotel with that thing.

Plus the thing has a single, 5 foot long seet, with no sun guards, no A/C, no CD drive, and the radio sucks. 13 days across the U.S. in that thing, you'll be begging to walk.


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I was on a plane back to the Netherlands (from the US) and it was an 8 hour flight. It was a boeing 767, I believe, and it didn't have a screen in the chair in front of you. Also, I was sitting near the window, next me a fat lady.

It wasn't nice.

At all.