Leap Attack Glitch


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Leap Attack Glitch

I am very sad having been lvl 89 nearly lvling up when i get surrounded by a group of Night lords and try leaping out and dying <cries after losing half xp> then even worse rushing to my corpse i try leaping over a wall and boom killed again cuz my leap didnt work. <loses more xp> i decide to investigate the phenomenon and i go outside harrogath and leap safely nothing happens my barb merley runs to the location i shoud have landed and twidles his thumbs.??? why cant i leap? it had happend repeatedly. curiouser <i know, bad english> i look at my mountain of brute strength and see his feet hovering off the ground like he was leaping but moving across the ground like he was running. is this strange occurence not similar to the poor sap whose guy casted a tp but the tp didnt appear? check the bug above. and even more curioser when i do regular leap and not leap attack i leap fine in the air. this horrible occurence has lead me to believe rushing is not only dangerous but completley suicidal even for lvl 89 barbies. :eek:


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Yes, it's a known bug with Leap attack. If I remember correctly, it happens if the barb is attacked during the Leap animation. A similar bug is the paladin's charge bug. The only way I know of to fix this is to quit and rejoin the game.


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Leap attack is one of those promising skills that by 1.03 ppl were warning their friends NOT to get as a main attack. Yet, even tho it never became a good 'attack' skill, Blizzard in 1.10 considered it an 'old school' skill and gave a token boost in the synergy, improving the 'new' (say it: "ohhh, ahhh") skill Leap into something interesting, but offering no damage bonus. Now it is suicidal to do cs runs with even throwing weapons and using leapattack to get there: LA is subject to IronMaiden in 1.10.

There is often alot of lag with leapattack, u will try to leap and go across the moat or stream and think u accomplished it, then suddenly u are back to square1 jumping up and down vertically. You get this phony animation showing a successful leap from the game inside your computer, but not acknowledged by blizzards servers. If its a life and death situation, time to exit. Then there is the odd phenomenon where one or more members of the party cant pass a certain constriction, often in the upper river of flame, there is an 'invisible' wall. Somewhere I heard it was related to leaps from that spot, not sure.

There sure seem to be alot of bugs and shorts in this game related to leaping and throwing stuff. These are some of the most fun things to do, especially for barbs (well, obviously).


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often, i would be la'ing across meph's moat, and thinking i'm safely across, when suddenly i would be pulled back and surrounded by a pack of council members. ah.

couple points:
1. a lvl 37 leap attack yari pk barb was a very popular build up to .10.

2. best way to escape when surrounded is to WW through them.

3. word on the street is that leap is better than leap attack now for movement over obstacles.


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Yes, i have a Booyaka barb (leap, leap attack) and while i have never experienced this bug, i always use leap instead of leap attack when travelling places, only because it works better.