Lazy merc


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Lazy merc

I play a summoner (HCL) lvl 83, current act 5 HELL, on my way to the ancients, max RS, SM, CE, rest 1 or 2 points, 20 skillpoints left.
I an doing well (slow), have a good mightmerc, lvl 82 with bonehew.

But i have a problem, my merc, who should kill fast, tends to do nothing, stands behind me, waiting, and comes seldom in action.
I think its my fault, i think its my tactics, but how or what??
Plz give me some clues. :scratch:


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I agree the AI for mercs in 1.10 seems much worse than I remember in 1.09 and skellies are certainly brighter and more agressive than them.

A great skill for any Necro is knowing how to move your minions and merc by how you move yourself. They are tied to you by weak invisible elastic :lol: . So by moving in the right way you can often get them to go where you want. But sometimes no matter what you do your merc just seems to get stuck or even "disconnected" and the only way to get them back is to use a waypoint or TP. A teleport might work also but I've not tried that.
Hope that helps.


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On switch i have a teleportstaf, and that works well to get together, but when i walk throug the acts, mostly i walk in front till i meet a pack of monsters, then i back off, and my skellies do the work, but my merc also walks back, or tries to kill a monster behind a wall or one out of reach and stucks with that.
I think it is bad AI, but also i am a bit worried tha i have to many skellies (11 skellies, 5 mages, evt. 8 revives).

Sometimes i would like to kick his butt, or push him in the right direction.
But that doesnt work in 1.10. :rant:

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The Mercs do lag behind a bit. It seems like they will not engage a target if it takes them too long to reach. If they can't have easy access then they will not engage. Your own army might prove to be your greatest problem.


Maybe it's just me but the only place I have a problem with my Merc is in the Arcane Sanctuary.


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The biggest problem I have with merc AI is when they "lag" behind. They sometimes at a random point just stand still and won't budge for crap. I'll be at the complete oppisite side of an area thinking "Wait a minute, my skellies don't have an aura??? How can this be, it shows that my merc has full hp, and they just had his aura a minute ago" I'll go searching for him and he's just standing still...looking into oblivion. I have to tp and come back to get the sense back into him.

Has anyone else been having problems with the Holy Freeze freeze merc freezing YOU? Sometimes I'll be running along and he'll be tagging behind me and me and my golem will go cold for just a second, and I've already cleared the area, so there's no way a monster did it. It's happened to me while in act 1 and in trav I do beleive. It's also happened in act 5, so it's not area-specific. Very odd though :scratch:


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Try this: Curse couple of monsters with attract "back" of the monster pack, so you can run safe around pack and return where you belong(behind your summons).
Works for me atleast. Merc follows you and charge middle of the heat :)