Lazuak Quest


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Lazuak Quest

how does the socket thing work with his quest?
i know certain items give 1 socket as i sold some on west to someone like socketing something like tal armor will give one socket, but i see 5os phases and other things out there. Does Lazuak give max sockets or is this all random?
Thx for any replies here


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Socket to me!

Larzuk will only add one socket for uniques (he might give two for rares and magics but I haven't played in such a long time, I no longer remember this with absolute certainty). He can give up to the max number of sockets for white items (some items can only have one socket, like a buckler while others, like a colossus blade, may get as many as six).


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He will always give max sockets to white items, IIRC. It is the cube recipe that gives up to max sockets with a chance to give less.


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From Larzuk:

Unique items: 1 socket
Set items: 1 socket
Rare items: 1 socket
Magic Items: random 1 or 2 sockets (if the item type can only have one socket, i.e. buckler, then 1 socket)
Normal Items: max sockets for the item type and ilvl of the item. click here for a list. I believe there are a couple mistakes, but it's right in most cases.
Superior Items: same as normal items.

Etherealness doesn't matter when socketing.

Socketed items may not be socketed again.

Low quality items may not be socketed. But they may be upgraded to normal quality and then socketed (this is useful for elite armors {ilvl 1 - max socket 3} and phase blades {ilvl 1 - max socket 3} among other items)

1 Eld Rune + 1 Chipped Gem + Low Quality Weapon = Normal Quality Weapon of same type with ilvl = 1.
1 El Rune + 1 Chipped Gem + Low Quality Armor = Normal Quality Armor of same type with ilvl = 1.