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I did a search for Lawbringer and merc and i did'nt find anything definitive.

Has anyone put a Lawbringer sword on an act 5 merc? How often did the decrepify cast and was if effective? What armor and hat would be best for such a merc.


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My guess is that the Decreipify will activate 20% of the time...but seriously since it's lvl 15 Decreipify it should last a while so enemies should be decreipified all the time. An act 5 mercenary needs the same kind of armors as an act 2 one does...huge defence, resists, physical damage reduction, life leech...I think you're going to have trouble keeping him alive...Lawbringer, even in an ethereal weapon isn't going to do a lot of damage=no leech=dead merc...The decreipify is going to ease things a bit, but he won't be a though tank.


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as armor for barbmercs, a cheap alternative that does great is shaftstop: damage reduce, life...
Myself, i prefer the 'stone' runeword, for its massive def and great fhr (60%!)
Preferably in an eth armor, for def bonus.
If you have way too much runes, coh cant be wrong, but it seems like a waste to me...

I dont know how much damage the merc will reach with such a sword, but make sure you have lifesteal from the helm, or the merc will die anyway. Andys visage, or crown of thieves make exellent choices, even tals mask is great ;)

As always, ethereal items is the way to go, unless you plan something really expensive. Yes, i know, some people make eth coh's just for the fun of it, but im not that rich :teeth:

And yes, decrep would trigger all the time ;)


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I wouldn't use this weapon for a merc unless it's for a Pindlerunning character. :/

If you really want your merc to cast Decrypify, go get an act2 mercenary with the Reaper's Toll polearm - he's got an extra aura to boot too. ;)