Lawbringer vs Crescent Moon PB's for holy shock zealer


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have a lvl 82 holy shock zealer right now (NO DREAMS!!).
have a lawbringer pb as weapon right now and it seems to work quite well.
I feel like if I gear a little more crushing blow and resists I should be have no problems with hell because right now I am working with 10% average hell resist and 40% crushing blow and can still kill hell Shrenk and hold my own in chaos, cows and even lightening immunes are not really a problem.

my main question is would it be better to use a crescent moon phase blade for the static, -%ELR, IAS and Ignore target defense. I feel that this should be a good trade for the sanctuary aura and the CTC decreptify. Also, I know ITD doesn't work on bosses but I don't know if lawbringer's -50% target defense would work on them ether. Even if it does, I still think crescent moon would perform better. I could also then just use Lawbringer to cast decreptify and then switch back to crescent moon to finish them off.

And as for my resist, i plan on getting a treachery (Using duress right now) to solve that problem and help me reach the pb breakpoint.


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I use Lawbringer on my untwinked HC Tesladin (see playtrough here
The weapon performs well and if I need crushing blow I have Black Knout on swith for smiting.

The -50% target def becomes -25% target def on champions and higher monsters.

I have also done a smilar dude with Crescent moon instead, it kills faster but not as safe (this was a SC char though).

I use smite for bosses anyway. So no need to think about AR or such for them.


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nice. I figured it wouldn't be as safe because of the loss of decreptify (which really helps when u are being surrounded). I don't think crushing blow will be an issue for me as I have 40% now and plan on equipping a Gface instead of my rare circlet as soon as I find one which will put me at 75% which should be more than enough. I do believe I am will run with crescent moon for main and just a lawbringer and some random shield on switch to cast decreptify for bosses.