Lawbringer/VOR PB frenzy actually not to bad.


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SO.. with ladder reseting in 9 days, I've been toying with relatively easy to get runewords. plain on making a barb and after trying this build I've decided on frenzy as a concentrate barb with only one of these weapons still survives well but takes forever to kill. Also, I know these are not ideal end game weapons but the play style is great fun and I was actually able to solo hell Chaos sanc with no problem at all. Plus this would make a great pindleskin runner IMO. Here is the gear/ skills I used:

Helm: Arreats
Armor: Duress
Belt: Verdungos
Boots: Gores
Gloves: I tried LOH's, but I think soul drainers would help with the lack of mana leech I encountered.
Amulet: angelics
Rings: dual angelics (crazy AR= more hits= more ctc decrep, plus VOR gives cannot be frozen)
Weapons: Voice of Reason Phase Blade and Lawbringer Phase Blade

Merc: Act 2 might/blessed aim/holy frost (which ever your preference)
Helm: Vampgaze
Armor: eth duress
Weapon: reaper's toll or crescent moon thresher/cryptic axe (Which ever comes first, both seem good)

Skills: (completed at lvl 79. everything else into double swing or nat resist after pending)
Double swing-1
double throw-1
sword mastery-20
increase stamina-1
increase speed-1
iron skin-1
natural resist-1
Battle orders-20
battle command-1

Notes: this build is for ladder reset as I feel the runes would not be completely unobtainable(3x UM, 2x Lem, 2x KO). The sanc aura from lawbringer made doom knights laughable, and the decreptify procs made up for the laughable damage on the character screen. I really had no problem health wise with this build and I was strolling around with 20k+ attack ratting without a blessed aim merc. the Frozen orb proc from VoR first seemed to slow down my frenzy by turning it red while casting but after playing for a few minutes I didn't really see any difference in my ability to keep hitting/leeching life. another note is that I played this build with a completely empty inventory( no torch/anni or any charms for that matter), which only makes me wonder how much better it could be. I also tried dual shael'd Doombringers and Lawbringer/VoR were without a doubt better. This will most likely be my aim for ladder reset (probably make a blizz sorc first to help farm everything then make this my main). Anyways, any suggestions/comments are appreciated.


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why not dual Lawbringers on switch to cast decryp even more often?

what are you donna do with this barb? solo runs in chaos?


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Well, i dont like the concept of lawbringers on switch cause then you lose your bo sticks (and im not gonna play switch around with 6 different weapons). i have played around on single player alittle more and came to the conclusion that any combo of VoR/lawbringer/crescent moon (new addition to weapon choice)phase blades works great. I plan on maining this character through ladder. This is just weapon selection choices for begining/middle of ladder. I may also invest a point into find item for mf fun. This char with lawbringer does chaos and pit runs easily. I may try to make one of each of these rw's before making 2 of one just so i can mix and match to my liking