Last skill points on a WW/Trapper hybrid


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Last skill points on a WW/Trapper hybrid

Hi all. I'm having a difficult time contemplating where to invest my last skill points. I have roughly 10 skill points remaining and don't know whether I should invest those points on Fade for more DR, claw mastery for more attack rating, or the trap synergies for more damage. My current setup achieves the following relevant information:

6k LS Trap dmg
43%Damage Reduction
3.8K AR WW (with Chaos and Fury)

With bramblesin gear on, I have 44% Damage Reduction.

Should I instead use a Fools claw for the AR and invest in the other 2 skills to bolster my trap damage and DR? My main concern about the fools claw is that it isnt as effective as Fury against casters (66% OW vs. 20% OW with Ber). The majority of the smiters and hammerdins I've faced have either teled on top of or chased my WW, so I haven't had any problems with my AR thus far. With angelics on, I can hit most shift smiters and other high defensive chars. On the other hand, the fools claw would greatly help my chance to hit uber high defensive chars. Thanks for any help in advance!


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If you are going to use Angelics vs. Melee, you dont NEED a Fool's claw, but it is useful. I really dont recommend adding 10 to Claw Mastery, you will see a little increase in AR and negligable damage. 10 Trap Syngery points is 1.1-1.2k Trap damage, which is very useful. Personnally, I'd add 10 to traps, and use a caster ammy/Dungos switch to get max DR against Windies and BvC barbs or the like. If you really want the max DR in Bramble mode, add 6 to Fade and the rest in traps.