Last and Final WW sin I hope. Plz help!


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Last and Final WW sin I hope. Plz help!

Hey guys, I love sins, anyways I'm "Hoping" to finally perfect my WW sin build. Looking for alitte advice from you "Pros" out their. This is my 6th WW sin build. I have tried mostly everything I can think of in regards to equip...

Coa/Shadow Dancers/Nigma/10 SD charms..Build lacked HP.
Shako/Bramble/Treks/10 SD charms..

I'm trying to perfect this which i think is impossible. Anyways onto my question, my current build consist of using Imps(Treks*)/Nigma/08 Valk with 39 3/20/20's in my stash. I know COUGH*HACKED. With Rfrost always on to save the dex. Anyways It would basically be a HP build, stock str and very little dex. Only thing I am really worried about is FHR/and other mods. I keep a 50% bramble to buff with and Trangs. Ill post the gear and let me know from you pros if i should just giveup and go back to using SD charms and Coa/Shadow Dancers. Help would be greatly appreciated, Please I know i use some Hacked items dont not post bc i do. I look forward to everyones input on making this build.

Lvl 90 WW Sin
08 Valk
Trangs Gloves
Fury-+2Dragon Flight/+2Wake of Inferno/+2Lightning Sentry
Chaos-+2Blades of Ice/+2Mind Blast/+2Wake of Fire

20 Claw Mastery
20 Venom
20 Fade
16 Mind Blast
11 Weapon Block
11 Shadow Master

This basically leaves me with...
60%FHR 80% if Shael Valk.

I would have alot of HP and prebuff with Bramble/Venom Claws. Just I will have 1 open socket in the Valk and will have to Shael it. Well what do you guys think? or should i just use my Coa 2/28/13 and Shadow Dancers 2/20. And stat all the extra str.


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I would go 10x shadow skillers w/life. The scs are nice, but you just become a weaker barb with claw block. The poison is what gives you an edge through ES and bone armor, for example. My sin has lvl 45 venom w/o any pre-buff, just skills on my main claws and standard field items. I wouldn't trade that for any max damage scs.


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Well I still have my Shadow Dancers and Coa...I could always just go with that instead but ill be lacking the 65%fcr for Teleport >< Just a loose loose situation I suppose. So what do you think would be better. If i do use my 10 SD GC's it will save points into Fade and WB- Just ill have alot of left over skills and not know what to do with em lol. Because the Coa will have 13/Belt 15/Enigma 8.. I could always use Spider Sash for the 20%fcr and Skills for casters I suppose. I guess ill just resort back to the 10 SD gc's/Anni and 3/20/20's or 5resist/5%frw SC's. Lvl 45 Venom is quite impressive. I was really hoping to base off a Vit Build. After looking at my build alittle more I realize i needed alittle more Resist, So Ill have to use something else.

So now EDIT.. Charms 10 SD GC's with mods

Arguement goes back to the Helm/Boots now i suppose. Teleport needs 65%Ias as mentioned from a member above, I Can use either the CoA/SD or Shako/Imps(Treks). Whichever will need resist. As long as I keep my DR 45%+. And yes i was aware that the claws have seperate OW's on them hence the 1/2 :)


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After doing some brief calculations, I have calculated the stats below.

With using 10 SD charms.

Setup 1
2 Skills/10%dr/Limited Resist/HP+MP bonus/20%FHR
1 open Socket

Setup 2
Coa/Shadow Dancers
4 Skills/13%dr/28 all resist/60%FHR
2 Open Sockets. Prob with 2 15resist/7%fhr jewels.
Thus a total of 74%Fhr/58%resist/13%dr

Setup 2 costs me 62str and 12dex stated, That is with Rfrost always on and either Rspiral or Angelic Ammy/1 ring on. This isnt a barb killer, I have my pld for that :p just to kill casters and lower Defense Melee. I will always have enchant on, so the extra AR bonus will help. If anyone can inform me what the next frame for FHR is I would greatly appreciate it! Belt will be Spider or Dungos based on that FHR frame rate.